World News – GB – Melanie Sykes, 50, enjoys six-day adventure with the gondolier


Posted: 10:05 PM EDT October 17, 2020 | Updated: 1:43 am EDT October 18, 2020

Surely she isn’t the first vacationer to love herself with a gondolier in the romantic city of Venice But then, Melanie Sykes is no ordinary tourist

Plus, at 50, she is more than twice the age of the handsome boatman she was photographed kissing passionately, wrapping her arms around her neck as he clung tight to his size

Little surprise as the TV and radio presenter, who rose to prominence in the 1990s as the bitter face of Boddingtons, told her online subscribers that she felt ‘just a little dizzy  »

As our exclusive photos show, it wasn’t an impulsive clinch Ms Sykes and the handsome Riccardo Simionato, 23, who still lives with his parents, then enjoyed a six-day adventure in the Floating City

It must be said, however, that the twice divorced Ms Sykes, who has two sons aged 18 and 16, looks much younger than her age As the valiant gondolier, who refused to discuss their banter, noted himself: «  Beauty is relative ‘

Manchester-born Ms Sykes was in Venice for a mini-break with a friend and first posted a photo of herself getting banged along a canal while forcing Riccardo last Saturday

Saturday: On her first day in Venice, and Melanie Sykes, 50, head straight for the gondolas, where she met her vacation romance Riccardo Simionato

The pictured embrace took place less than 48 hours later on Monday, and the next day she was seen enjoying an al fresco breakfast with the gondolier in the intimate plaza of Campo San Toma

The next morning, Riccardo abandons his gondola and joins Ms. Sykes for a sightseeing boat trip along the Grand Canal

Of his relationship with the former Big Breakfast star, Riccardo was shy Responding aboard his gondola, he smiled broadly as he told the Mail on Sunday: ‘I don’t remember I meet a lot of people’

Pressed further, Riccardo, who was not born when Ms Sykes rose to fame, acknowledged the 27-year age gap but added: ‘Beauty is relative Maybe what’s beautiful in your eyes is not for me ‘

Monday: The couple met and shared a passionate kiss two days after they were first seen together

Tuesday: The next day, Melanie was seen having breakfast outdoors with the gondolier in the intimate plaza of Campo San Toma

He stayed with Ms Sykes until Thursday, the last day of her vacation, where they were photographed arm in arm under an umbrella

Riccardo rolled Ms Sykes’ suitcase into a water taxi which took them both to the city’s Marco Polo airport, where he waved her away as she headed for the passport control

When asked if he prefers English women, Mr. Simionato replied: «  Every person is different, nationality doesn’t matter True, right? « 

But he growled when asked if he was planning to see Ms Sykes again. For her part, Ms Sykes posted a tantalizing photo on social media of the famous Rialto Bridge with the caption: ‘Ciao for the moment ‘

A former chef who followed in his father’s footsteps to become a gondolier three years ago, Riccardo earns € 80 (£ 72) for every half hour on the boat

Wednesday: The gondolier spent Wednesday, his day off, back on the water, taking a boat trip with Mélanie

Ms Sykes’ wedding ring is in line with her penchant for younger men «  Men my age tend to have closed their doors in one way or another, or they are not as confident  » she said three years ago

‘One of the reasons I think I end up with [younger men] is that they don’t seem to have a problem approaching me They’ve got a little more on them and they’re more confident and I need someone I can trust ‘

Ms Sykes rose to prominence by pulling pints out of an ice cream van in commercials for Boddingtons beer in 1996

Coincidentally, a later Boddingtons advertisement, this time featuring actress Anna Chancellor, showed two Venetian gondolas drifting down a canal in Manchester, where beer is made

Thursday: The two couldn’t hold hands as they walked through the rainy streets Next, Mel posted this (right), suggesting she would be back

Ms Sykes went on to host a number of TV shows, including ITV’s Today With Des and Mel, with Channel 4’s Des O’Connor and The Big Breakfast.

She also finished third in I’m A Celebrity in 2014 and co-hosted a Radio 2 show with comedian Alan Carr, as well as her own show on Capital Radio

After her first marriage to actor Daniel Caltagirone collapsed, Ms Sykes embarked on a whirlwind romance with roofer Jack Cockings, whom she met on Twitter, aged 28 at the time , he was 16 years younger

They married in 2013, but she filed for divorce after just seven months of marriage, later admitting that she had married ‘the wrong person’

She was then briefly linked with singer Olly Murs, 14 her junior, and German golfer Martin Kaymer, who is 15 years younger, before dating comedian Steve Coogan, 55, for six months. ‘last year

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Melanie Sykes

World News – GB – Melanie Sykes, 50, enjoys six-day adventure with a gondolier


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