World News – GB – Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr annoyed that they are being asked to fight ‘like women’


Tyson and Jones will meet in an exhibition fight next month although none of the legends in the ring are willing to accept that it is anything less than a real’ fight

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr are angry that they are asked to fight ‘like women’ after learning they will meet for eight two-minute rounds

The Legends of the Ring will face off in Los Angeles on November 28 in what has been officially called an exhibition bout

The innings have been reduced from the professional length of three minutes to two minutes – the same length as a women’s professional fight

« But it’s bigger than me, it’s not all about me so who am I to talk to I’m just happy we do »

And Jones Jr added, « I’m not happy at all, this is for women Why would I want two minute rounds? We’re not women, we’re two of the best at it

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« Why reduce it to two minutes, it doesn’t matter to him or to me; it fools the fans who are excited

Tyson and Jones Jr will face off over eight rounds wearing 12 oz gloves and no head guard

The fight will be marked by WBC, the sanctioning body, but the referee will have intervened if it becomes two violent

But both men insisted they would take the fight as seriously as he did on his beautiful day

Tyson added, « I don’t know what you’re talking about [it’s not a real fight] you have Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr and I’m coming to fight and I hope he comes to fight you

« I watch Roy movies when he was at his best because that’s what I plan to fight I box younger guys and hungry guys and they make sure I’m okay »

Jones Jr added: « The last person to do an exhibition was dropped in the first round

Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr, Boxing

World News – UK – Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr annoyed that they are being asked to fight « like women »


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