World News – GB – Mindhunter is probably dead but internet users are not ready to accept another 2020 fatality


On Saturday, Twitterati woke up to news from executive producer David Fincher telling Vulture that his highly rated Netflix serial killer drama – – Mindhunter – is « probably » done in early 2020, Mindhunter cast Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Anna Torv have been reported to be on release from their contracts as the show’s third season is on indefinite suspension as Fincher was busy working on his new feature film Mank, however, speaking to Vulture recently when the show’s creator was so Mindhunter Season 3 appears to be dead, he responded by saying, « I probably think »

« Look, for the audience it had this was an expensive show We talked about ‘Finishing’ Mank ‘and then seeing how you feel, but honestly I don’t think we’ll be able to. do for less than season 2 And at some level you have to be realistic that the dollars have to equal eyeballs, ”he told the post

While 2020 has been tough for almost everyone, in the final months of the year, netizens aren’t ready to put up with another death Here’s how heartbroken fans reacted to the news:

on my way to sell my kidney so David Fincher can continue to shoot #mindhunterTwittercom / NuGfA2ih7L

Other garbage shows continue but the ONE series I have feared so much for 5 seasons is canceled No more Mindhunter, pain so much pain and we’ll never know what happens to BTK He looked like a ladies man smh #Mindhunter picTwittercom / KWBwBOtE5d

A mix of fact and fiction, Mindhunter is based on the true story of the man who pioneered the science of serial killer profiling Holden Ford (tested by Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (tested by Holt McCallany) were back with the show’s second season as they continued to explore the world of crime by interviewing serial killers

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World news – UK – Mindhunter is probably dead but internet users are not ready to accept another 2020 fatality


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