World News – GB – New bar ‘found open after 10 p.m. curfew’ by police fined


The venue was flagged for a breach of coronavirus law and will be fined after police say it is open after 10 p.m.

A new restaurant and bar was fined after police said it was breaking coronavirus rules by staying open after 10 p.m. this weekend

Common in Huyton opened just two weeks ago on Derby Road in the town’s former Natwest building

This weekend, the local Knowsley Police team were on force to check out sites in the area and discovered Common was open after 10 p.m.

The place is now liable to a fine for breaking the law, police said today

Chief Inspector Phil Mullally said: ‘When businesses and the public want to do the right thing, we engaged with them, discussed COVID-19 legislation and offered them tips and guidance on how they can do their part

« But when clear violations are identified or people refuse to do what our officers tell them, we will take firm enforcement action

« A number of coronavirus issues were identified in some of the premises visited and reports were sent to police licensing teams and the Knowsley Council for further action

« At a location in Huyton, The Common (sic), the licensee has been reported for breaking the coronavirus laws and will be subject to a fine for not complying with the law, after he was deemed open after 10 p.m. « 

Knowlsey Police added that officers saw staff and owners wearing masks and visors, imposing social distancing and providing only table service

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Chief Inspector Mullally said: « We were very pleased to see that the overwhelming majority of the establishments we visited recognized the importance of complying with the law and took steps to ensure the safety of their clients

« Among other things, the Lord Strange pub in Prescot was considered to be fully compliant with guidelines and legislation and we would like to thank them – and many others – for their efforts to keep people safe.

« Knowsley’s businesses, residents, police and partner agencies are all doing their part to ensure that we continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this virus »

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News from the world – GB – New bar found open after 10pm curfew by the police fined


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