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As the world’s strongest man continues to emerge for 2020, all eyes are on Olesky Novikov. This turned out for good reason, as he managed to set a new world record in the finals.

Although there was a lot of respect for Novikov, it was largely ignored before WSM 2020 kicked off. But he quickly proved that it was a mistake by controlling his group during the qualifiers, and he made his way to the finals. This led to a shift in focus, as the Ukrainian was considered a potential candidate for winning the entire competition.

The second event of the WSM Finals was an 18-inch fatal lift, as athletes took turns trying to pull an increasingly heavy amount of weight. This was something most athletes knew was coming, as many of them posted elevator practice videos prior to the competition. However, Olesky Novikov put all of these athletes to shame when he not only won the event but also set a world record at the same time, by setting a whopping 537. 5 kg (1185 lbs).

The official world record for this deadlift was 535kg, before Novikov broke it on Saturday. Eddie Hall also unofficially broke that record with 536kg. However, Olesky decided to break those two numbers, pulling 1. 5 kg is even heavier than Eddie’s unofficial record. It was a crazy sight.

Three other athletes also had the opportunity to set this record alongside Novikov. Adam Bishop, Jerry Pritchett, and JF Karon were all unable to match the numbers Olesky managed to achieve.. Here are the full results of this event:

The World’s Strongest Man 2020 finals are still going strong, but Olesky Novikov has definitely pushed himself to be a great candidate to win.. It would be interesting to see how the rest of the competition would play for this elite tough guy, but if you weren’t already on him, you probably are now.

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World News – GB – Oleskii Novikov Sets World Record 18 Inch Deadlift in World’s Strongest Man for 2020 – Fitness Volt


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