World News – GB – Over 50% of people don’t think clocks should change today


Tonight (October 24) the clocks are coming back – that’s when everyone says,’ Oh yeah, I’m getting more bed time ‘- apparently forgetting that the price is a hour less evening light until March

We asked our subscribers if our current system was correct and it turned out to be quite controversial, with a slim majority of 568% voting ‘no’

Penny pincher Martin Lewis agrees with the 568% and has asked us to stay on daylight saving time – which proves he’s as shrewd with his daylight as he is with his money

He also conducted a similar poll in which 61% of people in the UK (excluding Scotland) voted to keep the time as it is

For many of us changing the time on our clocks is a biannual routine that we don’t think about a lot, but of course there are a lot of countries that don’t, and we don’t. have not always done here

William Willett pioneered the idea of ​​British Summer Time (BST), also known as Daylight Saving Time, in 1907 By the way, he just happens to be the great-great-grandfather of Coldplay singer Chris Martin – although I can’t find any evidence that he inspired the hit ‘Clocks’

Anyway, unfortunately for Willett, he died before he could see his system adopted, with Germany implementing it a year after his death in 1916 and Britain following suit. a month later

Since then people have been divided on whether we should keep the system as it is, stick to daylight saving time all year round, or remove it altogether.

Supporters of keeping it year round claim it would help us save energy, reduce road accidents, and improve the physical and mental health of the public – because lighter evenings would give us more possibilities for exercise And they’re just nice, aren’t they?

Also, of all years, 2020 is the least deserving of an extra hour, so now is the perfect time not to go back

On the other hand, a common counter-argument is that children risk walking to school on dark winter mornings. People also tend to be less receptive to the idea the higher up you go in the UK.

In parts of Scotland, the sun would not fully rise until 10 a.m. in the middle of winter, which is of particular concern to farmers across the country

Bob Carruth, spokesperson for the National Farmers Union of Scotland, told The Scotsman in 2016: « The effect on agriculture of the one hour clock change has diminished over the years, but it is important to keep in mind that, regardless of the current time, there is only a definite number of daylight hours available to farmers and farmers, during which they still have to perform the ‘essential to their daily work and enjoy social life

« Carrying out such farm work during the hours of darkness is inherently more dangerous than doing it during daylight and it is not always an option to delay this work »

For this reason, some have even argued that Scotland might switch to a different time zone from the rest of the UK You might think such a change would never happen, but last year the European Parliament backed a proposal to remove clock changes, which means member states would have to adjust (or not adjust) their clocks for the last time in March

Former Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: « The clock change must stop Member states should decide for themselves whether their citizens live in summer or in winter »

Basically it comes down to whether we are a nation of early risers or night owls

I guess calling a referendum is the only logical solution It’s bound to sort it out

Jake Massey is a journalist at LADbible He graduated from Newcastle University, where he learned a little about the media and a lot about life without heating After spending a few years in Australia and New Zealand, Jake landed a role on an obscure radio station in Norwich, inadvertently becoming a real-life Alan Partridge. From there Jake became a reporter for the Eastern Daily Press Jake enjoys playing football, listening to music and writing about himself in the third person

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World news – GB – Over 50 percent of people don’t think clocks should change today



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