World News – GB – Ozzy Osbourne attributes a year of bad luck to ‘haunted’ doll he tried to blow up


Ozzy Osbourne claims his year of bad luck was due to a spooky doll named Robert as he and his family go on a ghost hunt in their new show

The rockstar, his wife Sharon and two of their children are set to dive into the world of the supernatural for the series as their son Jack attempts to convert his skeptical parents into believers

And, while the Crazy Train hitmaker isn’t convinced at first, his indifference quickly turns to rage as he’s faced with an explosion from the past – the terrifying doll

« This is Robert! » Jack, 34, announces, with Ozzy, 71, throwing the doll to the ground and saying, « Not him yet! »

Giving viewers the truth, Jack explains that the original doll was used to inspire the Chucky movie franchise, adding, « The real story of Robert the doll is that she is cursed by the spirit of her owner.

« If you don’t respect him you laugh at him, take a picture without asking or even handling him, you will be cursed and terrible things will start to happen in your life »

The Black Sabbath star first met Robert in her series Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour Things didn’t end well between them, with Ozzy blasting another doll replica with a water cannon

And he’s not impressed at all in the new show, shouting at his son, « You think this is a fucking joke This is bad luck! » With Jack pointing out that his father isn’t completely flawless, given that he blew up the doll

Ozzy, who has had a series of health issues over the past year, is quick to point the finger at the doll, saying, « I keep telling you You keep thinking that’s not at all, but look what I’m saying

He adds: « Look, look at me Isn’t that bad luck? No you shouldn’t have fucked him From the start when we first went to this place, guy told us people would buy them and send them back because things were going wrong in their lives « 

However, Matriarch Sharon is full of solutions, with the former X Factor judge suggesting, « Let’s fire him, spend the night! »

Elsewhere in the episode, the discussion turns to drugs, as Ozzy is not convinced that aliens were portrayed as far back as the ancient Egyptians, joking: « They could have smoked drugs This is what we used to do: take a little orange pill and see aliens! « 

Referring to his father’s rock’n’roll roots, Jack takes the opportunity to ask, “You’ve experienced hallucinogens in your life Have you ever questioned the reality we live in?” Ozzy simply responding: « Every day »

The rocker recently admitted that last year was « f *** ing hell » after suffering from pneumonia, having surgery and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease

He revealed that at one point he was in so much pain that he thought he was dying and was convinced the doctors weren’t telling him how bad his condition was.

Sharon Osbourne is bragging about her sex life with her husband Ozzy: « Before, it was three times a day »

Ozzy explained on Sirius XM: « I haven’t come back to 100% I’m around 75%, but the recovery is so slow »

He added: « There was a time when I was convinced I was dying I was in so much discomfort, pain and misery

« I thought they were all hiding this from me. I remember saying to Sharon, ‘You have to level me up Is this worse than what you say [to be]? » She said, « No » I’ have given up all pain medication now « 

While still recovering, Ozzy is also looking forward to one day performing again – whatever form the coronavirus pandemic takes

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World News – UK – Ozzy Osbourne attributes year of bad luck to ‘haunted’ doll ‘he tried to detonate



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