World news – GB – Patients are urged to get their flu vaccinations


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Patients throughout Berkshire West are being urged to order influenza vaccinations from a GP’s clinic or pharmacy in an effort to ensure everyone eligible for a free injection is accepted into the offer..

Dr Abed Iran, head of Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning, said: “Our surgeries have already inoculated thousands of people this year, and we are very grateful to them for providing them with the flu vaccine, which will prevent them from contracting this highly contagious disease.. Virus.

“They not only protect themselves and their loved ones, they also help protect the NHS and free up staff to focus on critically ill people..

“However, it is clear that there are still many people who qualify for a free vaccine but they have not applied.

“They might be worried about contracting Covid or they don’t want to load employees who might be dealing with Covid otherwise.

“I want to reassure them that all of our clinics and surgeries apply very strict social distancing and infection control measures, so they are safe places to attend..  »

There is some concern among local healthcare teams about the low numbers of some groups of patients receiving the flu vaccine, and they are keen to encourage those with the following health problems to book to get vaccinated as soon as possible:

• Patients who are overweight, with a BMI of 40 or more – even if they do not have any other health problems

Patients with long-term health conditions, such as: heart problem, chest problems, breathing difficulties, kidney disease, decreased immunity due to treatment, diabetes, heart or liver disease, or neurological diseases.

It is also important to protect the health and social care workers who take care of others from the flu.

Therefore, health officials urge anyone working or volunteering in the following areas to make sure they get the free vaccination:

• Staff working in care homes, and this includes all employees, regardless of their role

Health and social care workers recruited through direct payment (personal budgets) and / or personal health budgets, such as personal assistants, to provide home care to patients and service users

Caregivers, recipients of care benefits, or who are the primary caregivers of elderly or disabled people who may be at risk if the caregiver is sick and cannot support them.

The vaccine has been in great demand from these patient groups and this will help protect them this winter.

Anyone in these groups who has not yet been vaccinated is encouraged to make a reservation with their GP or pharmacist:

The School Immunization Team continues to work across Berkshire West to vaccinate children of elementary school age and those of Year Seven (ages 4-11 on August 31, 2020).

More details on vaccination arrangements for children between 50 and 64 are scheduled soon from NHS England and once this is sorted out, local pharmacies will announce it is available for patients..

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World News – GB – Patients are urged to receive influenza vaccines
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