World News – GB – Pianist plays calmly as anti-lockdown rioters start fires in Barcelona


Posted: 09:03 GMT, November 2, 2020 | Update: 15:56 GMT, November 2, 2020

It’s the astonishing moment a pianist calmly plays ‘Eternal Flame’ as anti-lockdown rioters start fires and clash with police in Barcelona

The video was uploaded by a busker to Instagram over the weekend after the furious protests on Saturday night against the new lockdown rules in the Catalan city

Violence erupted after Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez declared a state of emergency and imposed a nationwide curfew between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. on October 25, with people only allowed to leave their homes. home for essential trips

In the pianist’s footage, explosions go off and young people are seen throwing stones at police vans as he plays the 1988 Bangles hit with the famous lyric: « Does this burn a eternal flame? »

A fire burns behind the man as he plays the 1988 Bangles hit ‘Eternal Flame’ during riots in Barcelona

An explosion is heard, police sirens howl and young people sprint in the streets but the pianist is unperturbed

Small fires broke out in the streets of Barcelona during clashes with the police on Saturday evening

Rioter clashes with armored police on second night of unrest in Spain’s second largest city on Saturday

Some protesters threw barricades at police as they gathered outside the headquarters of regional and local government in Barcelona on Friday

On Saturday, protesters took to the streets for a second night of protests against the new lockdown, setting fire to and throwing projectiles at officers

Separate footage shows police cars and motorcycles chasing young men through the streets as what resembles gunshots are heard in the background – although it is not known where the shots come from

In the footage, a large group of people can be seen running towards a police car on a nearly empty street and bombarding it with various objects – including a set of metal railings – as it tries to escape

Two policemen can also be seen nearby on a bicycle, one of whom is pushed off the bicycle by a rioter before being attacked and pushed to the ground

A woman recording video of a building above can be heard shouting « Oh my God » as she watches the terrifying events unfold

Additional police assistance soon arrives at the scene and the rioters can be seen fleeing, one of them managing to push another officer off his bike as they fled

Previously, around 1,500 hotel and restaurant workers took part in a peaceful march against restrictions that threaten their livelihoods

All bars and restaurants have been closed in the Spanish region of Catalonia, which includes Barcelona, ​​until November 13

The day before, around 50 demonstrators attacked the police with stones in Barcelona, ​​set fire to garbage cans and looted shops Fourteen people were arrested and 30 injured

Up to a thousand people attended an unauthorized protest against the lockdown on Friday before they started pushing against the police cordon

A protester holds a brick in the air during a rally in Barcelona on Friday night against new regional measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus

A protester throws a stone at a police van in central Barcelona on Friday after a protest against the new coronavirus restrictions turned into violence

Many of the participants work in sectors severely affected by the pandemic, including restaurants, the arts and gyms

They started throwing flares and bricks at the officers who then moved in to disperse the rioters in the city center

Police also beat protesters with batons and reportedly used foam bullets against people gathered outside regional and local government headquarters

Dozens of protesters then split into groups on the narrow streets of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, setting fire to rubbish bins to serve as barricades

Catalonia’s regional interior minister Miquel Samper said a curfew declaration across Spain was inevitable after some groups ignored calls to maintain personal contact and opportunity minimum exposure

Spanish authorities have cited the custom of young Spanish people gathering on park benches to drink cheap alcohol mixed with soft drinks – a practice called ‘botellon’, in Spanish for ‘large bottle  » – as a potential source of infections when Spain emerged from strict home containment in spring

Some protesters set fire to rubbish bins in the streets of Barcelona as police tried to disperse the crowds on Friday night

Protesters clash with police in central Barcelona on Friday evening over new coronavirus measures, including a curfew and the closure of the hospitality industry

Some of the outdoor meetings can reach the level of a « macrobotellon » – mega-big bottle – and attract hundreds of participants

With face masks turned off and social distancing reduced to inches, revelers are easy targets for the virus

“The nighttime movement ban has a purpose,” Samper said. “For weeks we said no one should go out at night, meet multiple people, or drink alcohol at these parties called «  botellon«  But it is obvious from the images we have all seen that we did not succeed ‘

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World news – UK – Pianist plays calmly as anti-lockdown rioters start fires in Barcelona


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