World News – GB – Piers Morgan enters Tampax debate as brand celebrates ‘bleeding people’


The tampon company sparked a huge debate after it tweeted that « not all menstruers are women »

Over the weekend, the tampon company tweeted that ‘not all menstruers are women’ to show support for the trans community

“Reality: Not all women have periods,” they shared, “Also a fact: Not all people who have periods are women Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed #mythbusting # periodtruths #transisbeautiful « 

While many of their subscribers praised the post, some accused them of ‘erasing’ women and threatened to boycott the brand in the future.

As a fierce debate raged on Twitter, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan stepped up to share his opinion

Calling the campaign « ridiculous » and « nonsense signaling virtues, » Piers suggested the message was actually damaging to trans people because it made them vulnerable to ridicule.

« When does this ridiculous virtue-signaling nonsense – which exposes trans people to horrible teasing – constitute ‘female-phobic’ behavior?

Actor Laurence Fox also got involved, tweeting: « I’m really interested to know who in Tampax thought it would be a good idea to bet all of your clientele (Biological Women) against this anti-factual and anti-woman, virtue vomits « 

Feminist Susan Dalgety added: « It’s a biological fact that you need a uterus to have a period, and only women have one. Males don’t

« I don’t know why Proctor & Gamble thought it was a good marketing tactic to alienate its customers only in this way »

« There is a lot of hate in the comments, » admitted one of them. « But know that there are people who see it and appreciate it. It is such a small gesture and does really hurt no one « 

« I’m a trans man who’s been menstruating for 13 years; thank you !! I might not need your products anymore, but it makes me feel good for everyone who still has them », said declared another

In June, JK Rowling was criticized for protesting that only women could have their period

She has been bombarded with criticism for questioning an article titled: Opinion: Creating a More Equal Post-Covid-19 World for Menstruating People

Last month, supermarket chain Superdrug announced a new line of ‘period’ products

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World News – UK – Piers Morgan enters Tampax debate as brand celebrates « bleeding people »



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