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England’s nine-successive home winning streak collapsed against Denmark Who impressed and who was Harry Maguire?

Oh no It was inevitable at one point that Everton Pickford would show up for England The penalty was severe – if anything, Walker was first fouled by Delaney – but Pickford did ‘still had no reason to be nearby and only managed to confuse and encumber his own defender Based solely on the English form, Pickford could always easily overcome such a mistake Pickford doesn’t have that luxury, and even his famous cast let him down when he attempted to throw a stoppage free kick in The Mixer.

England’s most complete right-back? Maybe England’s Best Player on a very tough night? Undoubtedly The right-hand link play with club colleague Mason Mount was a major bright spot in the first half hour Tended to come up in dangerous positions at the right time rather than just standing there and waiting as TAA is so often in English jersey Obviously everything went to shit, but that wasn’t James (or Mount’s) fault either Initially moved to left-back in post-layoff reshuffle, but again just traded title with Kyle Walker and continued to impress Because we can’t have nice things, managed to get kicked out after the final whistle for pushing referee Saké

Filled in the right-back doing useful work on the left with absolute adequacy before being the hapless sacrificed at the altar of Maguire’s incompetence

Rejected by his keeper and fouled by his opponent before apparently conceding a penalty Continued to appear an obvious point of weakness after becoming the fourth right-back to play left-back for England the last week The year of our lord 2020 remains completely and resolutely out of her breasts

Left with an early swing in a spectacular way that Maguire didn’t make Excellent intervention to deprive Dolberg of Poulsen’s crossbreed Admirably endured the transition to a four-man formation in which he never, ever Maybe unlucky not to win a late penalty in a new attack threat role His rise to « pro senior » status has been as swift as Maguire’s descent

F *** ing HELL It was bad Really bad As always bad Like making us dream of Eric Dier Maybe Harry’s next job could be in cyber? Reserved early for an unnecessary and reckless tackle Injury while trying to recover from awkward first contact Sent trying to recover from even more awkward first contact All of these things happened in completely harmless areas of the pitch and on the ground. ‘Inside the 34-minute opening It becomes a concern He’s never been a £ 75million defender, but he was pretty good Looks like a man in desperate need of a vacation, but… ah, you’re all ahead of me – insert your own cruel joke here

a yellow card on the left wing, one in the center circle: total football with Harry Maguire

Excellent pass for Mount to create a first half that Kane should have done a lot more with Showed an encouraging forward push before being forced into a firefighter role which might suit him better but did less to advance one’s cause in a more general sense

Like Rice, an encouraging progressive performance was thwarted by the red card, although picking them both up to a five-a-side defense in a home game against Denmark isn’t exactly ideal for a team ranked fourth in the world. Did it feel right to follow Dolberg’s run and deflect the shot behind an Eriksen ‘Tottenham corner’ Eriksen on Dane’s former home ground – sounds oddly out of place, doesn’t it? – and still did very little harm in his young career in England

Definitely the best Harry on the pitch, but now on his longest goal in England the drought since the end of the World Cup and it rarely looked like the end before or after his namesake’s red card Barely figured on a list of worries for England, all things considered, but it is telling that the more creative role he so enjoyed for the first time in an England shirt became his role at Tottenham, while for the ‘England he suddenly looks a little lost and peripheral Has now done very, very little in two international breaks on either side of a wonderful club form

Excellent before the red card, but much less involved after it As with so many others, not really his fault Forced a good save from Schmeichel with a header from a corner and just got it feel comfortable, at home and in the middle of international football

MBE Future Prime Minister Second youngest English player to reach 40 caps, propelling Michael Owen to third He’s been busy, so can be excused on this rather quiet and subdued night

Coady and Mings as a center-defensive duo didn’t really inspire confidence It was really good, and not just because Denmark made the very early and obvious decision to stick with what he had

A great time to shoulder the ball back for Kane to win a free kick Already a big winner of the week and, really, nothing tonight has changed that

probably could have been presented 15 minutes earlier to try and shake the game up and shake something up, but he did pretty much everything once he got involved so maybe not

Used all of his know-how and experience to be reserved for the Watch and Learn referee backchat only, Sweary Reece Watch and Learn

Alexander-Arnold might never play well for England Few players made it in the first half but some stepped up

New England team had a lot of positives from winning over Wales Jack Grealish is good enough, eh?

Here are some ideas that would ensure football is fair and fantastic, courtesy of John Nicholson

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We rate Rob Holding’s chances of recognizing England as slightly better than Mark Noble

Project Big Picture needs the support of non-Big Six clubs But what is really in it for them?

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