World news – GB – Plymouth 2 Pompey 2: Live match center and analysis with Al Hajjaj returning to the level after goals from John Marquez and Tom Naylor


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We’ll keep you informed throughout the evening, as Kenny Jackets’ side appears to be claiming seven wins in a row in jumping.

The victory tonight will see the Blues climb to third in the table – one point behind second-placed Hull and current leaders Plymouth.. .

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However, defeat could lead to Plymouth jumping Pompeii in the standings and move the Jacket team to eighth.

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Plymouth looks more likely between the two sides to win here. Pompey fights to get anything after abdicating. Similar to the first half

A free kick shot over MacGillivray in the back post, Telford plays it across the goal and Opoku is there to push home.

The guard seemed to be shouting that it had spilled over him and had spun over his head. Poor goal of waiver.

A sarcastic mistake made by Canon when he shot down the mayor. I took one for the team as Plymouth broke down on the counter

The Plymouth Marquis defender falls when they are both chasing the ball to the right. Opoku arm was raised and the referee got this spot

What a shift – 2 minutes 8 seconds between goals! Pompey appears to be more fluent, relaxed and penetrating, as Naylor’s second goal showed. Ironically with all the attacking corpses on the field, the pregnant midfielder is the one who struck the ball but sent a warning with a previous effort – and Plymouth did not listen.

Pompeii wasn’t at its best in any way, but they did show an excellent character to get back into this game. They took full advantage of it when they were enjoying a period on top of the game.

How this game changed in the blink of an eye! The ball lands beautifully for Naylor at the edge of the penalty area and his effort hits the bottom corner through the post. .

Marquez takes the penalty. The goalkeeper guesses the right way but his effort creeps into the corner! 1-1!

Whatmough rises all the way to meet Pring’s corner and his head crashes into Watts’ hand. The reference immediately points to the location

Marquez’s free kick hits the wall before the rebound sits on the hemisphere. He does not need an invitation to go on goal and Marquez’s pursuit extends far from goal. You can feel the momentum shifting in Pompeii’s favor.

Portsmouth Ph. C. Plymouth Argyle F.. C. EFL League One, FA Cup, Sean Raggett, Tom Naylor

World News – GB – Plymouth 2 Pompey 2: Live Match Center and Analysis with Al Hajjaj returning to the level after goals from John Marquez and Tom Naylor


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