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BOSTON (CBS) – President Donald Trump said early Friday morning that he tested positive for coronavirus The President has cleared his schedule, but it is not yet clear how much time will be left in quarantine

WBZ-TV Dr Mallika Marshall said the president would be watched closely for symptoms while in quarantine

President Trump is 74 He is overweight We don’t know if he has other underlying risk factors because we don’t necessarily know as much about this president’s health as we did it with the past presidents But, we know he has at least two risk factors that put him at high risk

Once someone tests positive, how long is they considered contagious and how long should they be quarantined?

If he certainly develops symptoms, as long as he has symptoms If he does not develop symptoms, we assume that someone could be contagious for up to about 14 days hence the period of ’14 day isolation

We have a general idea that usually when you are exposed, if you are going to develop symptoms, you usually do so between two and 14 days after exposure.But the average time to onset of symptoms is around five So depending on when it was exposed we will have a better idea of ​​whether it will develop symptoms or not

When is it safe to say that an infected person is out of the woods when it comes to their health?

If a person doesn’t develop symptoms, we usually say that after about two weeks they are probably not contagious and they probably won’t develop symptoms If someone does develop symptoms, only time will tell A lot of people develop symptoms and they are puffing and they are fine and then all of a sudden they get sicker

I have to say the odds are in his favor, despite the risk factors we know about, there is a chance that he will recover

The next debate will be in under two weeks, what would you need to feel comfortable with President Trump participating?

If he is showing symptoms then for sure the debate should not take place in person If he does not develop symptoms I still think there is a question mark there I think therefore that the certainty of the debate is definitely called into question

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News from around the world – GB – President Trump has coronavirus – Dr Mallika Marshall watches more


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