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England has one of the best generations of young talent on the international scene

While there are justified doubts about England’s chances at Euro 2020 and the 2022 World Cup, there is good reason to believe that the Three Lions could have an incredible team of players. ‘by the mid-2020s

So it’s no surprise that Gareth Southgate has brought so many young talents into his squad since international football made its long-awaited comeback in a COVID-19 world

Aside from the victory over Belgium, there was at least one debutant in each of England’s games since the summer, with Iceland and Belgium defeated, while the trip to Denmark was finished aimlessly

Wearing your national team jersey is arguably the proudest moment in a player’s career, but not everyone has the impact to relive that feeling over and over again

The same can be said of the Southgate era, with some players becoming one of the first names on the squad sheet, while others are regaled to the status of answering a pub quiz

Ahead of the last international matches, the FA published an article totaling the number of debutants under Southgate at 36 and four have bowed since

So to test which players have been a Southgate inspired invite and which will spark discussions around the table at Duck and Hound, we decided to rank the 39 players from worst to best.

We’re making our judgments based on a combination of their performance in an England shirt as well as their provenance in club football more broadly, so check out our selections below:

Look, I don’t want to dwell on this too much, because any young boy with millions of teenagers would make at least one mistake and I have no doubt for a second that both are incredibly sorry

However, we can’t hold back the fact that they both broke protocol during a pandemic that claimed the lives of over a million people and hence it seems fair to separate them. here below

Solanke may have done the trick for England in the youth ranks, but his poor record with Chelsea, Liverpool and Bournemouth makes an international renaissance highly unlikely

Chalobah never set the world on fire at Watford, now plying his league trade like Solanke, while his cameo against Spain meant his England career lasted less than seven minutes

The third player in a row who has now fallen to second England and Cook, who made a cameo appearance off the bench against Italy in 2017, has never looked international quality

Although he has been a strong midfielder for Southampton, Swansea and Burnley over the years, Cork’s time as an international footballer will likely be limited to miracle cap items and Trivial Pursuit

There is a lot of hype surrounding Barnes after a breakout season under Brendan Rodgers and rightly so, but his senior England call, although for just 14 minutes against Wales, felt a little premature

Would Tomori ever have been called up if he wasn’t playing in the top six? I’m not sure and after blowing hot and cold on his breakthrough with Chelsea, this might still be his only cap

Redmond has always looked like one of the best players outside of the Premier League’s top six without ever justifying a stint at a big club, so it’s hard to rank the Southampton man much higher

That’s not a bad call at all when you consider that Cresswell looked like a top player in the mid-2010s, but it’s hard to see a world in which the West Ham hero wins a fourth cap for his country

There’s not much to say here, other than that McCarthy was a solid save option between the sticks when Southgate needed him, although he’s never far from a mistake in St Mary’s

It might be a bit generous for James after two cameo outings from the bench, but it could prove to be a valuable investment in the future following a string of stunning Chelsea screens

The jury is out on where Loftus-Cheek’s career will take him now, both with England and at Chelsea, after his time at Stamford Bridge was swept away by an injury as he took over. started to take shape

Maitland-Niles has fled from an imminent Arsenal exit to join the England squad, although only time will tell if that form will be consistent enough to retain his international spot

Foden aside, I’m not sure any of the young English lions can match the Arsenal starlet in raw ability, so there’s good reason to be excited about Southgate’s confidence in him, even if it’s still early

Playing 90 minutes and keeping a clean sheet for your one and only cap in England is nothing to sniff and to be fair to Dunk he is one of the best peripheral center-back options in the country

It is remarkable to think that Maddison only made one replacement appearance for England and that will surely change if he can start showing his devastating form at Leicester from the start of 2019/20

One of those nods from England screaming right in the middle of the road because set pieces are the only real area Ward-Prowse is truly world-class in He barely got a foot in the error so far, however

Cut from the same fabric as Ward-Prowse, really, because Phillips’ appeal has left a lot of people scratching their heads and his performances so far have neither justified nor disputed his selection

Again, the early days, because it’s a balance of the fact that Hudson-Odoi is one of England’s most talented players without ever really showing a consistent end product in a Chelsea shirt

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The way Abraham became Chelsea’s top scorer last season is criminally underestimated and he already has an English strike under his belt, although match time can be hard to come by now

Speaking of which Calvert-Lewin, for all intents and purposes, seems the best option after a rocky start to the season with Everton, but his international career is still in its infancy

Thanks to Coady because, without ever looking like a batsman in the world, he turned out to be a solid player for Southgate and proved his dreams really come true by scoring in the 3- win. 0 from Wales

Wilson looked like a constant threat in his four caps for England, scoring even on his Wembley debut, and his brilliant form with Newcastle suggests a homecoming is more than realistic

Maybe a little generous, okay, but Tarkowski is one of the best alternate defenders available for Southgate and it’s surprising he’s been kept on the shelves since 2018 despite his Burnley form.

A selection that originally looked a bit muscular turned out to be smarter than expected and it’s hard to criticize Mings too much when he looked like a reassuring presence in an English kit

It’s nothing criminal that Grealish had to wait so long on his England debut and dropping an absolute masterclass in his first start against Wales shows he could become a valuable playmaker

It pains me to place a player whose English form has so waved so high, it really is, but Winks clearly struck a chord with Southgate after appearing for four consecutive years

While it has become a bit of a running joke that Mount is Southgate’s star pupil, ignore his sonorous English form at your own peril, especially after being freshly scored by the winner against Belgium

Why this record when he has only accumulated three selections? Well, in this writer’s humble opinion he should be England’s number one and hasn’t conceded a single goal for the Three Lions so far.

If his evil performance at Aston Villa is ignored, Gomez has been a strong enough asset to the Three Lions without ever setting the world on fire to really nail his place in the starting XI

Additionally, a defender on the other side of Merseyside sneaks past Keane after holding on in double digits for England caps and even scoring in a 6-1 beating against Montenegro

Say what you like about his recent form at Manchester United, but Lingard was a decent asset to England a few years ago and his 2018 World Cup performances alone justify a place in the top 10

Twenty-four caps in just four years is nothing to sniff at, let alone scoring in the Netherlands and crushing at home that howler in Costa Rice’s 6-1 annihilation Good job

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It’s no coincidence that Chelsea spent money on Chilwell because he proved with England that his form with Leicester didn’t depend on Premier League football. Expect a lot more caps

Is this an outrage from the Southgate era? Maybe, but credit is due as Rice really struggled consistently in the England XI and looked unstoppable in the Belgian victory

It goes without saying that there is a substantial jump in quality for the top five and we can’t help but feel that Trippier deserves this position based solely on his iconic free kick against Croatia

I’m not going to beat around the bush: Alexander-Arnold is the best footballer Southgate made his debut as England manager, but he hasn’t done enough to get his country to the podium yet

Should it be abandoned now? Absolutely, no doubt about it.However, we cannot claim that Pickford’s glorious performances at the 2018 World Cup never happened.

For a long time, Pickford looked like an inspired choice as a number one and delivered heroic shots on goal in both of his tournaments for England, so, yes, third place is more than justified

Once again, Sancho is a more talented player than our gold medalist having exceeded 15 goals and 15 assists in 2019/20, but we are still waiting to see his best for England after just two strikes in 14 selections

You what ???? Look, I know Maguire has made a pretty wobbly start to his second season at United, but come back to the bottom of the list and ask yourself who made the biggest impact.

As well as becoming the world’s most expensive defender since Southgate gave him his first cap, Maguire started and scored in England’s finest World Cup tournament in almost 30 years

Yes, cracks are starting to appear in his more than penetrable armor, but there’s no denying that Maguire is a world-class defender in his day and certainly the best rookie of the past four years

So there you go, the defender who was roasted alive on social media for his performance in a 6-1 loss was the most worthy rookie of the Southgate era

We’ll let you fill in the blanks on what this means for England, but come on, let’s keep the glass half full and start believing he’ll come home in 2021 after all the trouble of 2020

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