World News – GB – Russell Tovey seeing ghost dogs and his first TV starring role


css-14iz86j-BoldText {font-weight: bold;} « I didn’t find it scary but I saw a ghost dog », explains Russell Tovey very calmly

« I’m sure I saw a big white ghost dog in a house in Basildon, do what you want with it »

Most people haven’t seen anything, but Russell, who is haunted in his last role in ITV’s The Sister, has real experience

He says it was about six years ago when he was staying in a friend’s very old house

« There was this psychic who arrived in the middle of the day », he explains

« She started to stroke the air and my friend’s mother asked what she was doing, the woman said ‘you have a dog here and I stroke the dog' »

Not surprisingly, they all stayed in the house and later that evening while they were watching TV Russell had his scary encounter

« I remember I looked down the hall and there was a big white dog coming down the stairs

« My first thought was ‘where did this come from?’ And then he ran down the hall and disappeared « 

When he told everyone what he saw, they laughed and accused him of being an attention seeker

« The situation could have been different if it was a person, I probably would have made a mess on the couch »

In the four-part horror thriller, he plays Nathan, married to the sister of a missing girl

« As an audience you are in conflict because you care about the characters and want the truth to come out

« But you also want the truth to stay hidden because you don’t want it to affect the characters »

He’s been on our screens for over 20 years, starting with Mud on CBBC, and is best known for his roles in Being Human, Him & Her and Years and Years

While he’s incredibly excited to run a prime-time show, he admits it’s a lot of hard work

« When I finished I thought it was quite nice to play number two or three on the call sheet because you have a few days off, » he laughs. p>

It doesn’t bother Russell that this lead role came in in his late 30s, in fact, he’s sure he couldn’t have done it at a younger age

« The fact of being an actor is that you select the emotions from your real life and then channel them into playing roles, » he explains.

« So what I’ve been through from my early twenties to late thirties is totally different and a plus for being able to access and unlock these types of characters

« I couldn’t have played Nathan in his twenties like I can play him now »

His good friend James Corden told him years ago that as an actor you always want to stay warm and not worry about getting hot

« Keeping up that heat is really tough, by the time you have a flop things can start to go downhill

« It’s a lot more rewarding to stay warm, to be someone everyone enjoys working with and to be a bit of a chameleon in the roles »

Russell feels like he’s always maintained a heat, getting hotter and hotter at various times, such as a spring day

« I think that’s my kind of energy, rather than being like a scorching record breaking day in July, » he says

« I feel like I went through like a sweet day where you might need a sweater in the evening, but otherwise you’re happy just wearing a t-shirt »

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World News – UK – Russell Tovey seeing ghost dogs and his first TV starring role


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