World News – GB – San Bernardino County records an average of 100 more coronavirus cases per day


San Bernardino County records an average of 100 more confirmed coronavirus cases per day than a week ago, according to county and state data released Tuesday, Oct 27

Meanwhile, the county is among those with the highest rates of positive coronavirus test results and cases per 100,000 population, and it is no closer to breaking out of the assessment level highest risk in the state

The county has not budged from the purple level, or widespread risk, since the state released the assessment tool in August

According to the state, San Bernardino County has the third highest COVID-19 test positivity rate in the state at 66% and the fourth highest adjusted case rate at 119 per 100,000 population

Meanwhile, the number of new confirmed cases across the county is on the rise According to data available on Tuesday, the average daily rate of cases in the county is 392, up from 292 the week before

Testing continues to rise in the county, however, with officials reporting on Tuesday the average daily number of tests was 860 higher last week than the week before The county achieved the state’s median case detection rate, which reduced the adjusted case rate used in the risk assessment tool But its adjusted case rate is still well above the state standard of 7 cases per 100,000 population to move to a lower risk level.

Confirmed cases: 63,367 in total, up 593 from Monday October 26, an average of 392 reported per day last week

Deaths: 1,073 in total, up from Monday, 6 on average4 reported per day last week

Hospital investigation: 217 confirmed patients and 42 suspected patients were hospitalized on Monday, including 48 confirmed patients and 8 suspected patients in intensive care, 25 out of 25 establishments declaring The number of confirmed patients is up 160% from a week more early

Number of people tested: 785,794 in total, 5,604 more than Monday, an average of 6,967 reported per day last week

Resolved cases (estimate): 59,796 in total, 339 more than Monday, with an average of 332 per day last week

Reopening plan level: purple (generalized risk level, many non-core business operations inside are closed) based on these settings from Tuesday:

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World News – GB – San Bernardino County records an average of 100 more cases of coronavirus per day
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