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Posted: 11:38 AM EDT October 21, 2020 | Updated: 4:25 p.m. EDT October 21, 2020

Sky History’s The Chop contestant’s father Darren Lumsden said today ‘I’m alive’ after the channel said he died defending the Nazi-style tattoos of his son

Sky said the inking of Darren Lumsden’s face on angel number 88 was in remembrance of the year his late father Trevor lost his life – and nothing to do with a code, fashioned around the order numeric letters in the alphabet, which means Heil Hitler

But today his 66-year-old relative revealed he was alive and well – and that he lived in a three-story smart home in Bristol, not far from his carpenter son

Trevor told MailOnline: « I’m here, aren’t I? » I’m alive and I’m not dead yet ‘

Darren’s father has short-term memory loss after a serious motorcycle accident over 30 years ago

He lives in a shared house and has support workers who come every day to help him

The father added: ‘I haven’t seen Darren in a few years, I had no idea he had tattoos on his face or that he was going to be on TV

Bristol’s father-of-two Darren Lumsden, pictured, is on Sky History’s new show The Chop: Britain’s Top Woodworker However, a trailer for the show starring Darren has sparked protests when some viewers suggested that the « 88 » on her face was a « neo-Nazi tattoo »

Trevor, originally from Stockton-on-Tees, had two sons, Darren with ex-wife Gail and Wayne from another relationship

His assistant, who did not want to be named, said: ‘I have never seen either of him and have been taking care of him for 10 years

‘Trevor has short-term memory loss after brain injury in motorcycle crash, but remembers his two sons

Sky History canceled the new show yesterday ahead of its premiere on Thursday after viewers spotted Darren appeared to have various ‘Nazi tattoos’ on his face

The Chop: Britain’s Top Woodworker, with comedian Lee Mack, invited carpenters to test their skills to be crowned Britain’s best

Hosted by Mack, Rick Edwards and master craftsmen William Hardie, the carpentry competition sees the 10 contestants compete for nine weeks in Epping Forest, Essex, to carve, sculpt and work their way to at the final, to see who will be sung ‘Best carpenter in Britain’

The champion’s prize would have been the chance to present his own exhibition at the prestigious William Morris Gallery in London

Darren Lumsden is seen with a prominent 88 on his cheek (circled below) and 23 and 16 allegedly inked on his temples representing the digital equivalent of ‘white power’ (above)

Here the ’16’ can be seen, allegedly representing ‘white power when combined with the’ 23 ‘on its other temple, and the number 14 is seen (circled at the top) representing’ 14 words’ a popular white supremacist slogan

But after the channel tweeted a trailer featuring Darren, viewers quickly identified one of his tattoos – a prominent ’88’ on his cheek – which they took as a symbol of the right

They said that the number 88 in white nationalist or neo-Nazi circles can be used as a code to represent « Heil Hitler », because « H » is the eighth letter of the alphabet

Viewers also spotted a number of other potential symbols of white supremacy on Darren’s skin, including 23 and 16 inked on his temples, allegedly representing the digital equivalent of ‘white power’

He has also been accused of having a rune symbol sig – used by the Nazis to symbolize victory and often mistaken for a lightning bolt – on the right side of his nose, and a number 14 on his skull which may represent « 14 words » , a slogan invented by the white supremacist terrorist David Lane

However, before announcing that they would not air the show, the channel defended Darren’s tattoos, claiming that « 1988 is the year of his father’s death » and that the tattoos « Have no political or ideological significance »

The father-of-two, from Bristol, is one of ten contenders for the now-deleted show, which was due to start on Thursday and is being filmed in Epping Forest

British geneticist and author of How To Argue With A Racist Dr Adam Rutherford has confirmed he has spotted several other digital tattoos on Darren

British geneticist and author of How To Argue With A Racist, Dr Adam Rutherford, has confirmed that he has spotted several other digital tattoos that may be symbols of white supremacy

He tweeted: ‘I spend a lot of time on white supremacist forums online, and they have dozens of really silly number codes, most of which are surrogate ciphers a 7 year old would find

‘Darren seems to have these two on his face 88 = HH = Heil Hitler 23/16 = WP = White Supremacy There is also: 18 = AH = Adolf Hitler 1488: a reference to the so-called 14 words, coined by white supremacist terrorist David Lane ‘

He continued, «  There is also: 1/11 = AK = Aryan Knights 3/11 = 3 K = KKK 109 = the claim that Jews were expelled from 109 nations throughout history , sometimes associated with 110 = in the hope that the USA will be the next ‘

During interview with Lee Mack, M Lumsden commented on the amount of ink on the carpenter’s face after introducing himself as « The Woodman »

The comedian said: ‘If you were in my town you wouldn’t be known as the lumberjack you would be known as the man with all the tattoos they would surely have priority’

Sky History has posted a short video featuring an interview between Mr. Lumsden and the host of the show Lee Mack where viewers noticed the tattoo

M Lumsden also has the numbers 23 and 16 on his temples These numbers are also often used by the far right as a coded reference to White Power

Many people have noticed the connection between the angel number 88 and white supremacist terminology although Sky History claims there is an innocent explanation

Sky History defended M Lumsden on Twitter, claiming to have carried out extensive background checks and found nothing to link him to any racist groups, opinions or comments

The interview was greeted with negative tweets, including one from Luke O’Riordan calling the channel ‘morons’ and asking, ‘Are you for real The guy has Nazi tattoos on his face ffs’

Sky History said there was an innocent explanation for the number, but canceled the show hours later

Sky History tweeted: ‘Darren’s tattoos denote significant events in his life and have no political or ideological significance Among the various digital tattoos on her body, 1988 is the year her father died

‘The production team did extensive background checks of all carpenters on the show, which confirmed that Darren had no affiliation or connection with any racist groups, opinions or comments

‘Sky HISTORY does not tolerate racism and all forms of hatred and any use of symbols or numbers is entirely incidental and is not intended to cause harm or offense’

They later added: ‘While we are investigating the & nature of Darren’s tattoos, we have removed the representative video from our social media, & will not be releasing any eps of The Chop as long as we will not have concluded this investigation Sky HISTORY opposes racism & hate speech of all kinds’

Sky History regularly features WWII documentaries, such as Hitler’s Gold and Hitler’s Last Secrets

Speaking to the Bristol Post on October 15, M Lumsden said: ‘About 10 years ago I saw someone with facial tattoos and started working with my tattoo artist on my look.

‘I have my daughter on the back of my head and my son on my cheek

‘Some people ask for selfies with me I’ve never had a negative reaction to my tattoos They’re just me I’ve been pulled over by people who have seen the commercials No one went on the show for become famous

‘But with a little luck, we’ll see in the series that I’m a bit of a character’

A spokesperson for the group said: ‘Sky HISTORY made a terrible mistake in including in’ The Chop ‘an individual adorned with what appear to be neo-Nazi tattoos without providing serious evidence to show that the tattoos Mean something other than how they appear

‘These tattoos will be clearly visible to viewers of the show, including younger ones, which is unacceptable

‘If Sky HISTORY is indeed’ racist intolerant ‘as it claims, then it urgently needs to provide credible clarification or remove the candidate from the program’

Sky History today thanked MailOnline for pointing out The Chop competitor Darren Lumsden’s apparent lie about the origin of his controversial tattoos

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World News – UK – ‘Death’ of his father Sky said the ‘Nazi’ tattoo of the inspired candidate is alive


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