World News – GB – Steve Bruce took a leadership lesson from Carlo Ancelotti’s book


Bruce is an avid reader of the books of his rival managers, and enjoys learning about their different styles of human management. He admires the way Everton boss Ancelotti ignores the « hysteria » around football

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Steve Bruce admits to studying Carlo Ancelotti’s book on leadership with the goal of becoming a better manager

The Newcastle boss poured out a copy of Everton head coach’s Quiet Leadership, and believes the cool way Italian managers are the way forward

Bruce says Ancelotti refused to get involved in football ‘hysteria’, just as he will never be ‘turned on by a frenzy over warrior keyboards’

The couple face off at St James’ Park with Bruce saying Ancelotti was the figurehead Everton needed to make their massive transfer madness work

Bruce said: « The book is a good read I’m a big admirer The title talks about silent management It’s key to everything He doesn’t let the hysteria get in the way of him

« There are different types of Abrasive, up and against you, in your face When I see the clubs he’s had, wow he’s arguably the best player-manager, few have achieved what he’s had. in Munich, Madrid, Chelsea, now Everton

When people are successful and keep moving forward I admire it I know how hard it is to run the clubs he has, and say well done to him A top notch manager

« What you have to remember is his success, the great clubs he has managed I also remember him as one of the best players I am fascinated by reading these people I read Eddie Jones too

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« This is about their different ideas on leadership And when someone did it so well like him I got Wenger’s book for my Christmas present from the grandchildren

« I don’t need the Sunday book signing, it fell apart, it was just a paperback, but I’ll make him a cup of tea »

Bruce’s men fought for a solid draw at Wolves last week Bruce admits they are giving their opponents ‘too many shots on goal and chances’ and striking a balance

The style of play draws criticism every week, with United needing a « balance between attack and defense » but Bruce said: « I can get excited in a frenzy because of the Keyboard Warriors

« I hear about it every now and then, but I don’t read Are they the majority of the support? I doubt it In 15 months no one has come and had a pop »

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley this week called for a reduction in the price of pay-per-view games, and Bruce says he was right

« I agree with him £ 15, that’s way too much when people pay their Sky and BT subscriptions. We’re going to saturate him too much if we’re not careful We have eight games a weekend. not a show in the stadium or on TV In this difficult time, I agree that a five is enough « 

The club have finally offered fans long-term membership offers a refund for this season Bruce said: « It’s been going on for a while and it’s good to be sorted »

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World News – GB – Steve Bruce took a leadership lesson from Carlo Ancelotti’s book


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