World news – GB – Stuart Donald agrees to a deal to sell a majority stake in Sunderland – with Juan Sartori and Kirill Louis-Dreyfus ready to take over


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Juan Sartori, a minority shareholder in SUNDERLAND, is close to closing a deal that would tie him to Kirill Louis-Dreyfus to become a majority of the club’s owners. .

After months of buyout uncertainty, Stuart Donald is understood to have agreed to the framework for a deal that would sell a majority stake to a consortium led by Sartori and Louis Dreyfus, but retains a 15 percent stake in black cats.. . It is also understood that incumbent board member Charlie Methvin will also keep his current stake, which is around five percent..

Sartori, a Uruguayan businessman and politician, is currently a member of Sunderland’s board of directors and has a 20 per cent stake in the club, in an exclusive tenure with Donald earlier this season.. .

However, the financial framework of what is likely to be a successful show has only been consolidated in the past few weeks, thanks in large part to his relationship with Louis Dreyfus.. .

The 22-year-old is the son of former Marseille owner Robert Louis-Dreyfus, a colleague of Sartori, who has family ties in southern France..

With his twin brother Maurice, Kirill Louis-Dreyfus was one of three heirs to his late father’s fortune after his death in 2009.. According to a report in The Guardian, he is estimated to have a trust fund worth more than £ 2 billion, which is owned by his mother Margarita, who remains a minority shareholder in Marseille..

High-profile sources suggest the deal should take place before Christmas, with Donald eager to complete the majority stake sale. Sunderland owner, who took control of the club after buying former owner Ellis Short in April 2018, pre-valued black cats at £ 37. . 6 m.

Talk of a takeover intensified earlier this week when CEO Jim Rodwell canceled a scheduled meeting with representatives of a number of backer groups, claiming that ongoing takeover discussions made it impossible for him to provide an update on the club’s status.. .

« The club is still in a period of exclusivity with the preferred buyer, and due to the progress and sensitivity of this process, it would be inappropriate to comment publicly at this time, » Rodwell said in a statement.. .

Phil Parkinson was asked about the position of the possession when he held his press conference ahead of tomorrow’s first-league match with MK Dons today, and while he said he did not know of any developments underway, he acknowledged that he did not ask to be updated every time.. Operation stage.

Parkinson said, « I’ve been in many clubs as a manager, and the talk of possession was often in the air. ». “It’s important as a coach, and for the players, that we put that aside.

“When, or if a takeover finally happens, the owner of the club, Stuart Donald, will call me, I’m sure about it and let me know.. But all too often, there’s still a lot more work to be done than people think, so I just focus on the team.

“I’ve never been told anything official, but I like it that way. I just want to know when I need to know something. When that stage comes, I’m sure I’ll be aware of it.

“Honestly, I haven’t spoken to anyone about the acquisition. When I was younger, I would ask and participate in a lot of questions. But I found that too often, it doesn’t pay off anyway, and I wasted a lot of time.

“My own choice is that I just want to focus on preparing the team for every match. If the acquisition takes place, I will look to meet the new owners and let them know my thoughts on what I think we need to move forward..  »

Whatever happens regarding Donald’s selling attempts, Parkinson’s mission for the remainder of the season won’t really change.

Even if new owners arrive with plenty of money to spare, their ability to invest in the team will be severely limited by the salary cap rules voted earlier this summer..

Sunderland is really close at £ 2. A limit of 5 million per year is allowed in League One, so regardless of what happens between now and January, Parkinson won’t be able to make major changes when the transfer window reopens.. .

« It’s very complicated, » said the president of Sunderland.. « That’s why I didn’t get along with him in the summer. It takes someone’s ability to buy a soccer club and say, « Okay. I’d like to invest some money in the team and give the coach the opportunity to bring in two or three players. Take away the ability to do so.

« I don’t think it’s true. January will not be normal – there are restrictions imposed on us. As I said in the summer, I’m happy with our line-up.  »

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World News – GB – Stuart Donald agrees to a deal to sell a majority stake in Sunderland – with Juan Sartori and Kirill Lewis – Dreyfus started In taking over
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