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I’m a celebrity . . . Get me out of here! Back in last night, the stunning English portion of the coast was on display.

The new series opens with celebrities being brought down by helicopter to an unknown location, before being assigned to descend a hill in the area.

The challenge provided a wonderful view of the area, leaving visitors wondering where it was photographed.

ITV did not reveal its location in the first episode of A Celebrity but was unveiled locally.

Initially it was speculated that these scenes were filmed in Snowdonia although this did not happen..

Celebrities have apparently been challenged at the historic Flagstaff Quarry off the coast of the island.

The quarry has been the source of limestone since the 16th century and was still in use in the early 20th century.

Along with others in Penman, he provided stone for important buildings, including Birmingham Town Hall.

Limestone from the area was also used to build two bridges crossing nearby Menai Street.

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The street is visible from the top of the square, showing the breath of the surrounding area.

Because they are only 1 mile away, visitors will see Puffin Island and its lighthouse in the background.

The former Estender actress said, “Look at this, it’s amazing. I want my phone to take pictures.

From here they will spend the next three weeks, although they will likely keep fighting for other challenges..

I am a new series of celebrities . . . Get me out of here! Continues on ITV tonight at 8 am. M.

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World News – Great Britain – Surprisingly I’m a celebrity in the 2020 continuous Cliff site – it’s not in Snowdonia
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