World News – GB – The Beatles George Harrison made a big mistake with frozen babies


We’ve all been there, as we approach the holiday season or her birthday, family and friends surround you for a hint or clue on what you might like as a gift You can quickly mention how much you enjoyed the last episode of The Great British Bake Off and find yourself enrolled in a crash baking course For The Beatles George Harrison They Were Jelly Babies And It Was Much More Dangerous

When the Beatlemania landed it sat down with a very heavy thud Suddenly across the world John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr became household names and pin-up stars with fans not only hooked on their next album, but also on their every word Everything the group said was hastily noted and printed.This meant that offhand remarks were usually taken quickly out of context and plastered on the pages of every newspaper across the country. Fans weren’t shy about their affection either.

There are countless times single Beatles members have come face to face with overly enthusiastic and unwanted fans in their homes.There are many more stories of times when John, Paul, George or Ringo found themselves surrounded by screaming girls with no escape in sight Although it was safe to assume that for a while it was exciting and exhilarating, but, soon enough, it became a real problem

The world had never truly enjoyed such fame and with the continued globalization offered by air travel, the band was becoming an international sensation like no one had ever seen before. It meant hysteria boiled beyond from a checkpoint This would eventually become one of the reasons the Beatles would stop touring altogether, their fans were just a little bit dangerous against the Fab Four

When you mention something as harmless as enjoying a particular candy, now poses a serious threat to your career, you know it’s time to put it away In 1963, George Harrison had to do just that when, on stage, he was continually bombarded with his favorite candy, jelly babies In a 1963 letter to Lynn Smith, then 15, Harrison wrote: “Think about how it feels on stage to try to dodge things, before we throw in a little more. You couldn’t eat them yourself, plus it’s dangerous. I got hit in the eye once with a boiled candy, and that’s no fun! « 

In the excerpt from an interview below, Harrison is asked about the candy again and is, once again, very outspoken in his damnation: « It’s kinda dangerous, you know A Traveling Candy at about 50 km / h, if he hits you in the eye, well, you’re done, aren’t you? You’re blind « The seriousness with which Harrison responds shows that it was clearly an ongoing boredom

While it is not possible to confirm how much being attacked with sweets affected the Beatles’ decision to stop filming in 1966, it is likely, of course, that he was quite low on the priority list But it was a symptom of the feverish atmosphere the Beatles had created with their revolutionary act

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World News – UK – The Beatles George Harrison once made a huge mistake with frozen babies


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