World News – GB – The Blues striker urged construction in dead form after Chelsea beat Everton 4-0


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Emma Hayes urged Beth England to use her deadly show against Everton as inspiration for Chelsea’s future performance

The England Ace was on fire with the Blues, who avenge the FA Cup loss by ending their unbeaten streak.

The champions fought a tough battle for their assured 4-0 victory as they played 26 unbeaten matches in the league

Their victory saw them jump the visitors to second place ahead of the exciting derby clash with Arsenal

The England club president warned that her job is to lead their superstars to more victories than please them.

Hayes, 44, said: “Training world-class talent, and I have so many of them, means that what you do every day always matters.

“People talk about being as good as your last game in soccer, and I think you’re as good as your next game

« I’m happy Beth today, but I’ll always say it’s my job to win football matches and not make my players happy

“It is up to Beth to make sure this is the start of her incredible race

“I think PFA Player of the Year was really high for her”

Willie Kirk players started the game with liveliness but the hosts quickly settled with Irene Cuthbert, Jonah Anderson and playmaker Ji So Yeon seriously appearing

It was the skilled South Korean who put the Blues ahead, taking advantage of a clearance error from Sandy McIver in the 15th minute

They’ve got a team to score for fun and have dramatically raised their quality in front of goal this year

The visitors seemed unperturbed by the delay and had a good chance of leveling up with Easy Christiansen’s irregular shot near the end of the first half

However, the second half proved different as England scored twice in three minutes of the hosts’ last 20.

And the impressive goal by Burnell Harder in the seventh minute of extra time in the summer ended things well for the Champions.

Next to Chelsea is a trip away from home to Arsenal, who suffered their first defeat of the season, losing to Manchester United

And while Hayes believes the derby match will be a fight closely, the Blues coach has acknowledged the threat posed by the goalie Vivienne Miedema

“They have got a team to score for fun and have dramatically moved up to the next level with their quality in front of goal this year”

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World News – Britain – The Blues striker urged construction in deadly form after Chelsea’s victory over Everton 4 -0


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