World News – GB – The Crown teases season four with a photo of Emma Corrin in Princess Diana’s wedding dress


Fans of The Crown got their first look at Princess Diana’s wedding dress for the upcoming fourth season

Actress Emma Corrin is the spitting image of the Princess of Wales in a replica of the iconic dress

She posted two photos on social media with the caption « tick tock tick tock 151120 »

The 24-year-old is dressed in an almost exact match with the large Emmanuel ruffled wedding dress from the 1981 Royal Wedding

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Another person wrote: « She really looks like Diana, I had to do a double take! »

The second photo shows Emma as Diana alongside co-star Josh O’Connor, who plays her on-screen husband Prince Charles.The fourth season of the series will see Corrin playing Lady Diana of 18 at 22

« A First Look at Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress Emmy Award-winning costume designer Amy Roberts wanted to capture the same spirit and style as David &’s original design Elizabeth Emanuel, without creating any replica for Emma Corrin ”, they captioned the photo

Diana wore an antique dress in lace and ivory silk taffeta with a 762m) train to St Paul’s Cathedral in London

Reflecting on the wedding day, designer Sir David Emanuel said the dress should come across as something of a fairy tale

« For every bride on her wedding day it is a special day This one will be all the more so because it was watched by the whole world and of course Diana was going to play the role of Lady Diana Spencer and step out as Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales So this dress had to do a lot of things, ”he says

In an interview with The Times, Corrin said the public’s expectation of her role was « overwhelming from the start » because she wanted to make Diana « proud »

« I know it’s weird and cheesy, but I feel like I know her, » she says

« Based on my experience, not that I have experienced this kind of self-harm, but mental health in general, it can lead you down a very dark path when you are having a hard time coping, when things don’t seem out of control

« Diana doesn’t really have the love, comfort and attention that she needs from the man she loves or from the family, who don’t really act like family for her There is an accumulation of emotions that she cannot handle and making herself sick is a way to regain control « 

Speaking to Vanity Fair last month, the creator of Peter Morgan The Crown said the series would not hesitate to portray Diana’s bulimia and mental health issues.

« I realized that not portraying him would be to deny the former Princess of Wales some of the true complexity of his character »

« Her own suffering made her feel compassion for others And it was the compassion she showed for others that made everyone love her

« Everyone has vulnerabilities and weaknesses And she wore hers on her sleeve – which, of course, is the opposite of royalty. You represent an idea and an ideal, and you don’t want it there is too much humanity on the way, ”Morgan said

Olivia Colman will continue her role as Queen in the upcoming season and Gillian Anderson will play Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as new episodes are expected to cover the years 1977-1990

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News from around the world – GB – The crown teases season four with a photo of Emma Corrin in princess diana wedding dress


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