World News – GB – The Million Pound Cube: Kevin Clifton details the « absolute nightmare » on ITV


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Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley, who met on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, will take on The Million Pound Cube tonight as Phillip Schofield speaks to them through seven games they must complete to win the jackpot for charity Kevin and Stacey have already filmed the special episode and before it aired, the professional dancer spoke of an « absolute nightmare » he experienced in the cube

When asked if there was a favorite game in the series, Kevin said that a balancing challenge was a challenge he found to be « fairly easy »

However, he admitted to having « spent centuries in The Cube trying to complete » the task of balancing a ball on a plate

Kevin explained, « As frustrating as the game is, I would say the one I just described where I had to balance a ball on a plate

« It was hard to keep my focus the whole time as I was in the Cube for quite a while trying to finish it

« It sounds simple but it was really difficult A plate with a small ball was balanced on top of a post

« I had to hold the bottom of the pole and maneuver from one side of the Cube to the other and not drop the ball

Kevin also revealed that his partner Stacey let him take on the first challenge to help calm his nerves

« It was funny because I was nervous from the start, which Stacey immediately understood, » he recalls

« Even as we approached to meet Phillip on set, I could feel my nerves, so Stacey suggested that I take the first challenge, although she was also convinced she could do it as she said that it would help calm my nerves and she was right

« On Strictly Come Dancing, you never want to be the one to leave the first week, and for that, I didn’t want to leave without earning money for charity »

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He added: « Plus, the Cube was so much bigger than I thought »

Fans will be on the edge of their seats tonight as the duo are about to complete a challenge on the first attempt

« We were so close that I started celebrating prematurely because I was convinced we did, » said Kevin

« The challenge saw us stacking boxes and I thought we had them all stacked in the allotted time, but I didn’t see the last smaller one and we ended up running out of time It was so frustrating « 

Despite Kevin’s regrets, host Phillip played well He said: « Kevin Clifton was amazing at any of the games he was playing

« I have never seen anyone be so determined and focused for so long

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News from around the world – GB – The Million Pound Cube: Kevin Clifton details the « absolute nightmare » on ITV spectacle


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