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Thriller fans won’t want to miss The Sister on ITV The four-part series, created and written by Luther’s Neil Cross, airs tonight (Monday, October 26) at 9 p.m. Expresscouk has everything you need to know about the casting of The Sister

Nathan holds a deep, dark secret near his chest that comes to the surface years later in the series

Tovey is best known for playing George Sands in Being Human and Henry Knight in Sherlock

Speaking exclusively to Expressco UK and other outlets, Tovey revealed that The Sister was the « hardest » job he has ever done as an actor

He said: « I took this whole thing about this role where you exist in this contained tension, where you are everything, what you say is not what is said

« And there’s absolute anxiety and fear and panic all the time that’s being put down, and I really wanted to serve Nathan, I really wanted to create something that people don’t see me doing. , which was really small and really minimal

« So it’s about removing everything but living in that energy for this time It was a lot and I definitely took it home

« But I felt you had to commit to that role I had to do this to get into that character So I had to get into position So when I finished that I was absolutely exhausted »

He added: « Nathan is basically a simple and kind man and just wants to have a good life, fall in love and have kids

« Nathan doesn’t feel like he wants to be a celebrity or to be recognized for such and such that he just wants to have a good life

« And he falls in love And it’s basically a love story for him and he feels like something happened And he put Pandora in the box And all of a sudden we start this show and Pandora is just completely to the left, she’s running around and she’s crazy

« And he’s desperately trying to get back And then you’ve got the Grim Reaper, who’s Bob, just hanging around, biting his nails to the side, waiting to step in and say he has and all the time that ‘he has this kind of drama, does the energy around him that is desperately trying to manifest behavior in him

« And he’s trying to put the brakes on that, to be completely normal and live his normal life

« And he has a really great love life and tries to have kids and be real easy with Holly »

Bob was an academic, worked as a « paranormal expert » and was well known for his work

However, when viewers meet Bob, his life takes a much darker turn – he lives alone, unemployed, and his sanity is shattered

Speaking to Expressco UK and other press, Carvel said: “Rooms like this where you have to dig in, an experience that you haven’t necessarily had but is somewhere in the middle. background of your imagination really won me over and especially if it comes with the top dressing « 

He continued: « I really like working on the translations of novels, because there is so much to dig in so much backcountry, and you can take inspiration from it

« As with that, in fact it’s a transposition, it’s not a simple switch from one medium to another

« There have been tradeoffs in new things that you are discovering and I really appreciate this process

« But it was sort of the best of both worlds because, of course, it was Neil’s translation of his own work. So you had both ends of the thing »

Carvel is an award-winning Olivier and Tony actor best known for his portrayals of Miss Trunchbull in Matilda the Musical and Rupert Murdoch in Ink

His TV credits include Jonathan Strange in Jonathan Strange & M Norrell, Simon Foster in Doctor Foster and Frank Temple in Baghdad Central

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Holly is also the sister of Elise, who disappeared over ten years ago and believes she is still alive

Acharia told Expresscouk and other press: « I found it very exciting to read the book and then jump right into a really different version of it through the script and the characters

« It was just exciting for me because I had read the script and had a sense of who Nathan is and Bob is like that, and Jackie is like that naturally

« You meet actors and what’s really exciting is that everyone brings something totally different and then you get a chance to say, ‘Oh, well, maybe that’s actually quite different from what I thought

« I guess the book is written from a point of view and actually the script is written from a different perspective And I found it to be a really exciting job »

Acharia is best known for her role as Irri in the HBO Game of Thrones series and Dr. Ruby Walker in The Good Karma Hospital

Sadly, Elise passed away over ten years ago under mysterious circumstances and her loss continues to haunt those who loved her in the present

Game of Thrones star Nina Toussaint-White also stars as Holly’s close friend Jackie, who is also a detective working on the Holly case

Unforgotten’s Amanda Root plays June, Elise and Holly’s mother alongside Benidorm’s Paul Bazely as their father Graham

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