World News – GB – The Undoing: Who killed Elena in the thriller starring Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant?


Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant play husband and wife Grace and Jonathan Fraser in The Undoing, which was released in the US this weekend, and in the UK on Monday

The all-star series features an impressive cast, including Emmy nominee Edgar Ramirez, Ismael Cruz Cordova, as well as American Horror Story’s Lily Rabe and Noah Jupe, who plays Nicole and Hugh’s son Henry

Fans are already gripped by the miniseries and desperately seeking who killed Elena, a new mom at Grace’s private school and Jonathan’s son Henry, following the nail-biting first episode

Taking to Twitter to discuss their theories, one wrote: « The obvious choice is to say Jonathan is the killer, but what if it’s both him and Grace who are the killer couple! Grace’s memories can’t really be destroyed! not just any more than she suggests, she knows everything! « 

Another wrote, referring to Grace’s husband: « So Elena knew her husband and maybe had an affair with him and he killed him? »

A third added: « I had 30 minutes and deduced that the deceased woman was having an affair with Hugh Grant, which killed her, which is why he said a patient died and why they left the party at the same time »

A fourth guessed, « Well after watching that whole first episode I decided that Hugh Grant killed the lady, the baby is actually his and he’s on the run I don’t know if he neither is Jonathan Fraser ”

Nicole and Hugh had the best time working together, being friends for many years

While chatting with Marie Claire with Hugh, the star said, « Well, I like you so It was a really easy part … Because there was something very relaxed, obviously, because I’m Australian and you’re British we have this… I don’t know it’s just a sense of humor It’s good chemistry « 

Hugh agreed and Nicole continued, « We talked I’m counting on you But it’s also part of the collaboration, I think, when you really click you sort of sit down and you talk and you share things. and you open

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News from the world – GB – The Undoing: Who killed Elena in the thriller with Nicole Kidman , Hugh Grant?



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