World News – GB – Theme parks hint at legal action over restrictive California coronavirus reopening rules: « All options are open »


Executives at theme parks at Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Legoland and the company that operates Knott’s Berry Farm met on Wednesday to denounce what they see as an executive order issued on Tuesday by State of California and Gov. Gavin Newsom Officials say state guidelines make reopening nearly impossible Some have hinted at legal action

When asked about legal remedies, Erin Guerrero, CEO of the California Attractions and Parks Association, said, « I think all options are open at this point Our number one goal is to responsibly reopen. » p>

Raffi Kaprelyan, regional vice president of Cedar Fair, which runs Knott’s Berry Farm, expressed dismay that recent visits by public health officials appeared to have been « just a show »

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Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock said the teams of state officials who visited Orange County and Florida County Parks seemed « unbelievably. » Each of the visits lasted « several hours » to to give insight not only of how the guests were acting, but also to see how the employees were reacting, for example, to a guest whose mask was not on their nose

« We walk away saying, ‘That’s great, they came and I think they learned some things,’ Potrock noted that state officials have also ‘made some suggestions’

“Post these tours,” recalled Karen Irwin, & COO president of Universal Studios Hollywood, “we were told there would be reports in about a week or so that would provide us with practical steps for the reopening”

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A few days later, according to Potrock, « it was: » We are announcing this [very restrictive] level 4 application ’’

California Health and Human Services Director Dr Mark Ghaly said on Tuesday that small theme parks can resume operations in the state’s Orange Level Capacity will be limited to 25% or 500 visitors, according to the lower of the two Only outdoor attractions can reopen and only to customers residing in the same county

Los Angeles County health officials announced on Wednesday that entertainment centers could open outdoor operations

All theme parks – including Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal Studios Hollywood – can resume operations at level 4, yellow, which is much further down the road At this point, the guest limit is 25% in all areas and dining establishments can only operate at 25% of their capacity

Orange County, where Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are located, is currently part of the Red Level Los Angeles, home to Universal Studios, is in the most restrictive level, Purple

Park officials were blinded by the announcement, as evidenced by their categorical reactions to the state announcement

« We don’t get a solution-oriented discussion, » Potrock continued on Wednesday, « We get: here are the rules and you have to live with it »

« It is misleading of the government to say this is collaboration, » said Irwin She says the promised state reports were never released

California Health and Human Services Director Dr Mark Ghaly said on Tuesday that state officials looked into things like « how the lines were run » when they visited the parks But, he said, « the level of blending even without a mask » state watchers saw was concerning

Park operators have their own concerns, one of which is that the region may not reach the yellow level at any time in the near future

« Frankly, I just don’t see a way forward to get to level 4 Reaching the levels set for level 4 seems impossible, » Irwin said on Wednesday

« I think for a big county like us, especially a county with higher education institutions where people come from out of county and out of state, I think it will be very difficult to reach the yellow level, ”Orange County health worker Dr Clayton Chau said on Tuesday

« It depends on when the vaccine arrives, how many doses [are] available to our populations as well as how many of our residents will readily accept the vaccine – these are the three factors that will determine how quickly we can reach the vaccine. yellow level « , speculated Chau » Personally, I think we can expect a yellow level by next summer, I hope I hope « 

Kurt Stocks, president of Legoland California Resort, said he felt that « the governor’s advice was clearly inconsistent ‘Noted Stocks’, » zoos, museums and aquariums and family entertainment centers have all been allowed to reopen without distinction as to their size »

« What we are basically looking for is equal treatment », said Kaprelyan « And that is not what we are getting »

In terms of remediation, Kaprelyan of Cedar Fair agreed that legal action was now being considered for the theme parks « All options are open for us, » he said

One of the parks run by Cedar Fair in Ohio was part of a lawsuit against that state’s health official in June, alleging orders restricting reopening failed to ensure equality of access under law and lacked due process Cedar Fair’s Ohio park reopened in July, but is operating well below capacity, Clevelandcom report says

Also in July, major New Jersey theaters filed a federal lawsuit against the state over its decision not to reopen multiplexes over lingering concerns over COVID-19 The National Association of Homeowners theater withdrew that lawsuit last month after Gov. Phil Murphy authorized theaters with limited capacity to reopen

An Arizona water park recently sued that state’s governor, Doug Ducey In an argument reminiscent of one made by Legoland’s Kurt Stocks on Tuesday, the Arizona park claimed that other companies in the Arizona State had received privileges that were not

Disneyland Resort, California, The Walt Disney Company

World News – EN – Theme parks suggest legal action over restrictive California coronavirus reopening rules: « All the options are open  »


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