World News – GB – Trump’s campaign ‘explodes into chaos’ as Giuliani’s papers appear in court


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Former ambassadors are like children, and from their mouths comes wisdom. Now Gordon Sondland famously said, “Every time Ruddy gets involved, he goes and plays with everything. If only the Trump team had listened to this argument early on, they might not find themselves in the mess they are doing today, as Trump’s world melts like a cheap plastic bowl left on a backyard grill..

The latest development in the increasingly futile effort to reverse the results of the 2020 elections is that Rudy Giuliani submitted official papers Tuesday morning allowing him to appear in court on behalf of the Trump campaign, after several days of bipartisan theater. Crack Trump’s legal team and the rest of the campaign. It’s hot and patience is short. ABC News:

Over the weekend, Giuliani and his own team of attorneys, which also includes Trump campaign legal adviser Gina Ellis, attempted what was described to ABC News as an internal « coup » campaign – an attempt to wrest power away from the current, long-running situation, multiple sources said Leading the Trump campaign by claiming that the president has given them complete control going forward.

Giuliani’s team took over office space in Arlington, Virginia and headquarters for the Trump campaign, and Ellis, about whom White House aides had previously expressed concern, began telling Trump campaign staff that they were reporting to it now..

Ellis told the remaining campaign staff that they should only follow orders issued by the people named « Ruddy or Jenna » and ignore any other directives from the campaign leadership, sources familiar with the episode said.. .

Sources said the directive angered top campaign aides, including Trump campaign manager Bill Stephen and chief advisor Jason Miller.. .

The attempt to seize power reached a boiling point on Saturday when Miller, who had been the campaign’s chief strategist for months, entered Ellis in what sources described as a « screaming match » in front of other employees.. The sources said that both of them threatened to contact the president to settle whoever wants to take charge. At one point, Miller rebuked Ellis and described her as « crazy, » according to multiple sources.

Donald Trump is not an exaggerating in settling disputes between quarrelsome employees, he needs someone to change his private diapers. What we do know is that Rudy Giuliani has filed papers to appear in court, so it’s reasonable to conclude that whatever verbal argument Trump makes in this epic election law case, Rudy will be the spokesperson.. Court transcripts likely to go beyond parody, that’s what I expected.

The New York Times ran an article about Giuliani asking Trump for $ 20,000 a day in legal damages. Rudy’s response was that the source was « a liar, a complete liar. According to him, he and Trump made a deal, which we will work on. « The order is, we’ll work on it finally. Giuliani could not be so stupid. If he’s swinging as Trump’s wayward knight and enduring all the heat, he gets paid and pays well. There is no other way in reason, logic, or common sense.

Mr.. Giuliani sought compensation for his work dating back to the day after Election Day, when he was Mr.. Trump has begun claiming publicly that he won despite the results, according to people familiar with the request, who asked not to be identified to speak about the sensitive discussions.. .

At $ 20,000 a day, sir. Giuliani’s rate would be higher than the best lawyers in Washington and New York who could charge up to $ 15,000 a day if they were spending all of their time working for a client..

If Rudy wants to tear up Donald Trump, it’s okay for me. Hopefully he gets his money up front or will stand in a very long line to get it after the fact. Trump will leave office because he left everything, including business and wives, because of too much money.

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One little fools, two and three little fools, four, five and six little fools, all working for Donald Trump..

Trust me, I try to write them all to reflect the sheer idiocy of this group of people. And they save a lot of ammunition.

Today’s appearance definitely showed that. He was arguing about things that weren’t in the lawsuit, and tried to present evidence – this was a hearing for dismissal, it was too late for evidence – and literally didn’t know the meaning of the words he was using.

Get zero chops @ cool time-saving clips. It also frees your hands in case you bump into one of those cult members. & needs your middle fingers..

I hope everyone working for the Republicans will get an ulcer. I imagine the group in this story eats a lot of weight.

You know why Rudy suddenly wants money, right? He’ll be in trouble for some of those criminal charges as well in a few months. Actual attorneys are charged.

And the Nevada Republican Party wants to keep voters out and get their own appointments, or if not, just cast a lot of the state’s presidential vote.
Real lawyers described their call as a train wreck. https: // thenevadaindependent. com / article / trump-campaign-files-lawuit-calling-jud-to-overturn-or-annul-nevadas-president-election-results

I read elsewhere that he also didn’t pay the capital office fee. I haven’t seen confirmation, so you don’t know how true that is. I posted this info on my Facebook page and couldn’t resist adding a bit of grunting: I like being gullible! (All of them)

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World News – GB – Trump’s campaign « explodes in chaos » as Giuliani Working papers to appear before the court


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