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Abba: In their own words Sunday, Channel 5, 9 p.m. Although they did not officially become a band until 1972 (or adopt the name Abba until 1973) Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad started working together in 1970 To mark the 50th anniversary, this documentary tells their incredible story from debut to world fame It combines rarely seen archive footage and interviews with the four band members with some of their amazing songs The program also receives celebrity fans and people who have worked with them, including original studio engineer Michael Tretow and costume designer Owe Sandstrom.

In February 2019, Tipperary’s man Michael Barry died of cancer at the age of 34, leaving behind his wife Sinead and their three young children – and an unfinished home The talented trader had built a new home for his family when he fell ill, and he was never able to complete the project so close to his heart. In this episode, the DIY SOS Build team, led by presenter Baz Ashmawy, considers it an honor to complete the work Michael started before his untimely death. With the help of volunteers and local artisans, the team set out to complete the dream home for Sinead and the children to finally move in

How’s that for a totally original pitch? The woman is in a seemingly perfect marriage, but when her husband disappears, the woman’s life begins to unravel as all kinds of secrets surface, and she begins to wonder if she has ever really known this man. Yeah, The Undoing sounds like a well-worn thread (it’s based on the novel you should have known by Jean Hanff Korelitz) Still, Nicole Kidman is sure to add some edginess to her role as top-flight therapist Grace Fraser, whose life crumbles to earth after the disappearance of her husband (Hugh Grant), leaving behind a series of very public disasters Grace must gather all of her spirits to survive in this new hostile reality and find out the truth about what is really going on (It’s a conspiracy, I’m telling you)

The Million Pound Cube Monday through Friday, Virgin Media One, 9 p.m. Back in the dawn of time, Philip Schofield presented The Cube, in which the contestants faced an impressive array of physical and mental challenges while by being locked in a six-sided hexahedron Now the series has been restarted for anyone locked in their own cubes, and the purse has been super big from £ 250,000 to a million squid And of course, Schofield himself is back in the present and can’t wait to be there. « The Cube is such a crunchy format, but with the players now in teams and a massive £ 1million prize fund, this now means that this high pressure environment just got harder I can’t wait to find the legendary Perspex Cube! Neither do we (The show aired last week on ITV)

Bill & Ted isn’t the only one to time travel and learn all about history and everything In this educational children’s series, time travel intern Emily Blast (Eleanor O’Brien), goes on a mission to recover missing items from Irish history Each afternoon this week, Emily will take a time jump through a series of wild adventures and meet personalities from Ireland’s past including St Patrick, Annie Moore, Countess Markievicz, Tom Crean and the Pirate Queen Elle – even, Grace O’Malley How does Emily defy the laws of time? Why, with an app of course With the Time Surfer App (TeSsA), Emily sets off in search of the missing objects – including St Patrick’s crozier, Annie Moore’s steamboat ticket and Tom Crean’s compass – and brings them back to their place and their rightful time before the course of history irrevocably changes

Stories of Irish Children and Teens: The Adventures of Dillon (Monday): Dillon Lynch (12) is a coder and outdoor adventurer who, along with his father, Pat, braves the elements to climb the Mainland Munster Highpoint Challenge’s 49th and final mountain Tajus the Kickboxer (Tuesday): Tajus (12) is a Cellbridge athlete, model and social media influencer who plans to become a professional kickboxer From Sheriff Street to Delphi (Wednesday): Group of town children set off on an unforgettable trip to Co Mayo to learn how to fish – and eat what they catch Joseph Wants to Walk (Thursday): Joseph, an ordinary boy with cerebral palsy, embarks on a challenge he has set for himself: walking alone in his own 10-year-old party

Strictly: It Takes Two Mon-Fri, BBC2, 630pm The weekday half-hour sister show on Strictly is back, promising even more exclusive access and behind-the-scenes gossip than ever The DJ Radio 2 and former Strictly contestant Zoe Ball returns as host Monday through Wednesday, with Strictly superfan Rylan Clark-Neal taking the reins Thursdays and Fridays Ian Waite also returns with analyzes of couples in theaters. training, and strict frontrunner Gethin Jones returns as a traveling reporter giving a preview of all the action during rehearsals at Elstree Studios ahead of Saturday’s live show

Halloween may be a little different next Saturday, with fancy dress parties and reduced sleight of hand, but ITV sets the mood with this spooky four-part psychological thriller The series, inspired by Neil Cross’s Burial novel in 2009, stars Russell Tovey as Nathan, a well-meaning but directionless lost soul who harbors a terrible secret he desperately seeks to keep buried Nathan now has a new life and is dedicated to his wife (Amrita Acharia) However, his world is turned upside down when the tousled Bob (Bertie Carvel), a quirky and shocking face from the past, shows up at his doorstep on a rainy night.

President Trump: Tweets from the White House Monday, Channel 4, 9:00 p.m. As FDR was known for his « fireside talks » and JFK won the presidency in part because he was good at television, Donald Trump is truly Amrica’s first social media leader.He has tweeted tens of thousands of times since arriving at the White House, giving the American people unique access to their deepest and untold thoughts – and him giving access to its « base » without the interference of traditional media It’s the story of how, whether they caused controversy or solved intractable foreign policy issues, tweets changed American politics forever.

Inside the Bat Cave Monday, BBC2, 9 p.m. The Big Horseshoe Bat was once a cave dweller, but now tends to roost in old buildings such as churches and barns It is rare in the UK and, like many other bats, its numbers are dwindling Lucy Cooke presents this documentary, which examines the hidden behavior of these creatures, while night vision cameras and detectors advanced ultrasound follow a roost for four months Viewers will be able to witness the birth of a new generation of puppies in the colony and follow their progress towards their perilous inaugural flights

Autumnwatch Tuesday-Friday, BBC2, 8 p.m. Chris Packham was apparently heartbroken when ‘TV wife’ Michaela Strachan was only able to make South African appearances on this year’s Springwatch. Well, the good news for Chris and the viewers is that Michaela « falls back » into her role for Beeb’s Autumnwatch 2020, based at Tentsmuir Forest in Fife There she will cover, among other things, a live camera installation on the Isle of May as the Seals grays come out for farrowing While Packham stays close to home in the New Forest, Gillian Burke is at RSPB Old Moor in South Yorkshire and Iolo Williams at the Center for Alternative Technology near Aberystwyth Autumnwatch does not feature the colossal and breathtaking natural world as told by David Attenboroug But it does highlight something even better: the natural world on the road

Hair Power: Me and My AfroTuesday, Channel 4, 1015h This unique film asks how come hair has become one of the most misunderstood, celebrated and debated aspects of the black experience Emma Dabiri, academic and facilitator, leads the conversation, as men and women describe how their identities have been shaped by their hair and how they wear it From examining the science behind what makes dark hair different and beauty routines that are a rite of passage and empowering for many, to feelings of otherness and rejection, this documentary opens up a topic that has too often been banned

Daniel O’Donnell is back at Derry’s Millennium Forum in Derry, where he will be joined by country queens Crystal Gayle and Gloria and Susan McCann Gayle’s career began in the 1960s when she moved produced with his older sister, music legend Loretta Lynn In 1975, Gayle recorded his first big hit, Wrong Road Again, but it was Don’t You Make My Brown Eyes Blue that made him an international star Gloria and Susan McCann, meanwhile, are two of Ireland’s top country artists

The Rap Game UKWednesday, BBC1, 1115h The famous BBC3 series is back for a second season Krept & Konan and DJ Target have put to the test a whole series of upcoming rappers, joined by the crème de la crème of the British lyricists as mentors Only one will win the crown and sign a precious deal with Play Dirty Records at the end Tonight, just after the artists have met, they find themselves in front of the trio having to demonstrate their a capella skills, before rapping about a key moment in their life to guest mentor Rapman

Sing it out loud: Black and Proud Wednesday, Channel 4, 1122 p.m. Maya Jama is at legendary Ronnie Scott’s for a unique celebration of Black History Month alongside some of the most talented young jazz musicians in Great Britain Zara McFarlane, Ashley Henry, Poppy Ajudha, Reuben James and Ayanna Witter-Johnson all take to the world-famous stage to perform their own renditions of the iconic black protest hymns of Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye and James Brown Multi-talented saxophonist Soweto Kinch also delivers an exciting take on his recent work to end a joyous evening

We spent so much time at home during the pandemic, we didn’t notice the place was a bit crowded In fact it got really crowded (well I guess we got a little crazy on online shopping) Now, with more restrictions looming, we realized that there was actually no room for us in our own home, thanks to all the things piled up (I curse you, Jeff Bezos!) It’s time to call on architect and decluttering guru Roisin Murphy and superbuilder Peter Finn to literally give us a dig.In this new season, the duo are helping families rearrange their home for the new normal, in which everyone works from home, space is limited and it’s time to ditch that Argos bench press that no one has used since April Swords Hairstylist Sinead and his daughter Jodi (11), who needs help with a veranda that has become a floor-to-ceiling clutter magnet

British actor, writer and director OT Fagbenle plays the titular Maxx in this new six-part comedy about a failed former boyband star desperately trying to revive his career and rekindle his romance with his stealing ex-girlfriend currently high in the pop stratosphere Max may be in the proverbial gutter, having lived through his drug hell and tabloid shame, but now he’s determined to take back his pop crown and prove he’s not. a loser But the way back is strewn with pitfalls and perils

The Graham Norton ShowFriday, BBC1, 11:15 p.m. Comedian and presenter Bill Bailey chats with Graham tonight, and likely his appearance on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing will be a big part of the conversation One wonders if Norton has him – even been tempted to trip the fantasy light on the series Irish actor and singer Jessie Buckley, who stars in Netflix’s bizarre drama I Think At The End Of Things, and actor-novelist David Walliams are also in attendance Singer Dermot Kennedy provides the musical interlude with his single Giants

Later with Jools Holland Friday, BBC2, 10 p.m. A real meeting of musical minds this week as Jools welcomes Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, telling him about his musical journey and punctuating the chat with excerpts from the Later archive… It’s a deep well to tap into, as Cocker has appeared in numerous concerts of Later… and Hootenanny, although more recently in 2006, when he unveiled his first solo album. Besides the title Cocker, debutants Greentea Peng and Working Men’s Club are also making an appearance

HolidateSince Wednesday, Netflix This time of year has been known as “handcuff season.” Singles, faced with spending Christmas alone (and the inevitable inevitable questions from overly interested parents), seek companionship for them. see throughout the holidays Holidate stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as two single friends who decide to pair up on each of the key vacation dates as one more platonic plus-one of each other What Could Go Wrong happen? Naturally, there’s a weird hiccup along the way, but being a Hollywood romantic comedy the big question remains, will the two attractive prospects already realize what we already know: that they actually have real feelings the one for the other?

The Mandalorian Since Friday, Disney’s first series of The Mandalorian kicked off just as the lockdown began, giving desperate parents something to keep the kids occupied while they went to a reunion. Star Wars-based live-action is, at its heart, an old-fashioned western about a helmeted gunslinger trying to get Baby Yoda to safety in a lawless galaxy Even the fabulous themed music evoked the spirit of spaghetti westerns kids – and adults – will look forward to the second series, which promises even more exciting action, more Easter eggs, and more familiar characters from the universe. Star Wars, including Boba Fett and Ahsoka Tano

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg team up for a new series that perfectly mixes horror and comedy The duo have already proven themselves in the genre with their « Cornetto Trilogy » directed by Edgar Wright; now, with co-authors James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders, they tell the story of a team of part-time paranormal investigators who put on an online scouting show that, against all odds, sees them stumble upon actual ghouls and demons – and finally a world-threatening plot Scary, but very, very funny stuff to boot Starring Malcolm McDowell, Emma D’Arcy, Samson Kayo and Susie Wokoma

One of Disney Channel’s newest and warmest-received shows debuts on Disney Mixing a traditional animation style with a wonderfully modern sense of representation in its cast of characters (lead, Luz Noceda , 14, Dominican-American, is Disney’s first bisexual main character), The Owl House is a magical tale that resonates with – and celebrates – anyone who has ever felt like they didn’t always fit in. The story follows Luz as, on her way to a summer juvenile detention camp, she stumbles through a portal into a magical kingdom There she fulfills a lifelong dream of learning from a powerful witch Top fantastic fun from the studio that does the best

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