World News – GB – TV tonight: Russell Tovey and a party that got out of hand


« They’re digging the woods » With these ominous words, an old acquaintance blows up the previously mundane life of Nathan Russell Tovey stars in this grim drama, stripped down throughout the week (episodes aired daily through Thursday), dealing with the lingering fallout of a party that got out of hand at this point, it could go either way: There are the beginnings of a sketchy supernatural subplot that will have to be handled with care But it’s satisfyingly enigmatic and Tovey’s understated intensity is still so watchable Phil Harrison

How charming is that? Gavin & Nessa de Stacey, Ruth Jones, discovers that her grandfather was a figurehead of an NHS precursor called the Medical Aid Societies of South Wales He even ended up putting pressure on a certain Welshman named Aneurin Bevan As Ruth says: « Yours, Grandpa! » Ali Catterall

Franklin D Roosevelt addressed the United States via radio broadcasts called « Cats by the Fireside » It is doubtful that many Americans got similar help from Donald Trump’s tweets, but this documentary traces the Trump’s years in the White House via his prolific social media output PH

A schadenfreude operator guilty of watching golden lives crumble, this David E Kelley drama is built around fine performances by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant Kidman as Grace Fraser, a successful therapist – until scandal intervenes Grant (charming and sneaky) is her husband PH

The eerily dark and often ironic porn drama – which stars Daniel Blake’s Hayley Squires as a leading adult entrepreneur – reaches its final episode Disgraced MP Stella fights for Jolene in her defamation case, while Amy is forced to leave the industry Smart, Clean, and Original Hannah J Davies

How did a cartoon frog become a symbol of hate? The answer is complex and deceptively simple, but it boils down to ‘Internet’ In this fascinating documentary, Pepe’s creator Matt Furie attempts to reclaim his character – but, in a rapidly changing culture, he has his work cut out for him. on the PH board

A Quiet Place (John Krasinski, 2018) 9 p.m., Film4 Suspenseful triller set in a post-apocalyptic world where ferocious and blind creatures hunt humans – who are safe, as long as they remain silent Director, John Krasinski , also plays the role of Lee Abbott, whose family is made up of survivors, but mom Evelyn (Emily Blunt) is pregnant; how do you give birth in silence? Paul Howlett

IPL Cricket: Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Kings XI Punjab 150pm, Sky Sports Cricket From Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Premier League Football: Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur 7pm, Turf Moor Sky Sports Action Main Event

NFL: Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears Midnight, Channel 5; Sky Sports Main Event From SoFi Stadium

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News from around the world – GB – TV tonight: Russell Tovey and a party that got out of hand


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