World News – GB – Tyson’s return of the ring against Jones Jr will air on BT Sport


Posted: 12:38 GMT, October 28, 2020 | Update: 1:10 p.m. GMT, October 28, 2020

Mike Tyson’s expected return fight against Roy Jones Jr will be televised in the UK on BT Sport’s box office

BT announced on Wednesday that it will broadcast the exhibition bout between the two boxing legends on November 28 live on their Pay-Per-View (PPV) platform

It has not yet been confirmed how much UK fight fans will have to shell out to watch Tyson and Jones Jr’s eight-round contest, although normal PPV prices can vary from £ 1695 to 24 £ 95 depending on the event

Mike Tyson’s return fight against Roy Jones Jr will be broadcast live on BT Sport Box Office

Tyson, 54, has not stepped into the ring since retiring from boxing in 2005

Next month’s clash in California, which will be the former heavyweight champion’s first fight since retiring after a knockout loss to Kevin McBride 15 years ago, has been picked up by the network American social video-sharing platform and the entertainment platform Triller in the US, which charge fans $ 4999 (£ 37) 85)

Tyson, 54, has been training for his return to the ring since March and has been supported this week to eliminate Jones Jr, who is only three years his junior, by legendary trainer Freddie Roach despite the insistence of the California State Athletic Commission they shouldn’t be trying to hurt each other

« I spoke with Mike Tyson about ten days ago and told him he didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘exhibit’, » Roach told Press Box PR

‘He laughed but he knew what I meant Mike is an old school fighter who only has one gear – before

US fans will have to shell out $ 49.99 (£ 37) 85) to watch the show fight on Triller

‘And I know when that bell rings Mike will swing for the fences I think Mike knocks out Roy Jones

‘But I warned Mike he had to be careful with Roy’s left on the body This is the punch Roy used to knock out Virgil Hill’

Jones Jr, who was a pound-for-pound star and multi-weight world champion in his heyday, recruited Chris Eubank Jr to help prepare him for battle and recently claimed he was ready to die when ‘he will face Tyson next month

He added: ‘You get hit by Mike Tyson, anything can happen to you Mike Tyson is not just a simple puncher

‘I love boxing so if I have to die boxing I will die a happy man There are other ways I prefer to go but if I have been there I am not mad at that ‘

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World News – UK – Tyson’s return from the ring against Jones Jr will be broadcast on BT Sport
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