World News – GB – UK coronavirus live: Sheffield region mayor says ‘inaction is not an option’ as he accepts level 3 restrictions


Latest updates: England’s third South Yorkshire region to get toughest measures after local leaders agree to deal with government

Our goal in this negotiation was simple: to come to an agreement based on what people will actually need to get through it rather than the arbitrary sum imposed on us one by one. We were hoping to set a pattern that others will be able to use This is probably the reason why the government has withdrawn https: // tco / DirwF8dvua

The Mayor of Greater Manchester never wanted to draw this to a conclusion The public health situation was deteriorating It would have been frankly irresponsible of the government to allow this to continue for several more days without leading it to a conclusion

In a meeting with the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister offered £ 55million, Andy Burnham asked for £ 65million The Prime Minister said: ‘Listen, let’s compromise and accomplish this for the many residents of Greater Manchester « 

During his press conference yesterday afternoon, despite repeated questions about it, Boris Johnson refused to confirm that the money was still available

West Yorkshire Council leaders released a statement last night saying they will not be entering Level 3 this week, BBC Kevin Larkin reports

#BREAKING: #WestYorkshire will NOT get stricter #coronavirus rules this week Current rules will remain in place in #Bradford #Halifax #Huddersfield #Leeds and #WakefieldPlus @BBCLeeds picTwittercom / ymJaJAMzhs

The sharp fall in tax revenues and rising spending in Whitehall pushed UK public finances to a £ 361 billion deficit in September as inflation rose to 05%, according to the latest official figures, reports my colleague Phillip Inman

Loan figures are more covered on my colleague Graeme Wearden’s professional live blog

Gyms will be allowed to reopen in Merseyside after the UK government fails to provide proof that they should close under the strict high-level coronavirus restrictions imposed just a week ago, reports my colleague Josh Halliday

Last week the government imposed Level 3 restrictions on our region – forcing our gyms to close Since then we’ve been in constant dialogue to have them provide evidence of this decision – or reverse it They’ve now agreed to reverse their initial decision and let the gyms open imageTwittercom / AIoxK9gVNW

The 14 million people in South Yorkshire joining the area of ​​the city of Liverpool, Greater Manchester and Lancashire at level 3 means 73 million people, or 13% of the English population, will live under the most restrictions. tougher by the end of the week, reports PA Media

Dan Jarvis, the Sheffield-area Underground Mayor, has now issued a statement on his region moving to level 3 restrictions Here are the main points

We all recognize the gravity of the situation and have taken the responsible path to ensure we are saving lives and livelihoods, and protecting our NHS More older people are contracting the virus The number of people with Covid in our hospitals has doubled in the last ten days, with no signs that this will decrease over the next few weeks Inaction was not an option

We have called on the government to provide a local lifeline for our local authorities and our economy, and the new restrictions will be introduced alongside resources, meaning we are better equipped to control the virus and limit some of the damage caused to jobs and businesses

Although infection rates vary across South Yorkshire, collective action was the only practical choice to keep everyone in our area safe. If the restrictions are effective, individual local authorities will be able to move to lower alert levels as soon as it is safe to do so, in consultation with other local leaders, myself and the national government

Hello Level 3 is spreading across England like a rash Yesterday afternoon Boris Johnson confirmed that Greater Manchester is joining the city of Liverpool and Lancashire region in the very high alert level level 3, where the strictest coronavirus restrictions apply And this morning it was just confirmed that South Yorkshire is joining them My colleague Helen Pidd has the latest here

Speaking earlier on Sky News, Robert Jenrick, the communities secretary, appeared to congratulate local leaders in the Sheffield area, where Dan Jarvis, the Labor MP, is the mayor of the metro (He still sits in the House of Commons as this town hall currently has very little power) Jenrick said:

We had very fruitful conversations with him and with the leaders of South Yorkshire Again there is a serious situation, and rightly so, they wanted to act

1015h: Professor John Edmunds, epidemiologist from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and contributor to Sage, and Sir Ian Diamond, head of the ONS, are among the scientists testifying before the science and health committees. health of the Commons, which are conducting a joint investigation into the lessons to be learned from the coronavirus

Around 1245 p.m .: MPs start two opposition debates on Labor motions on fair economic support to areas subject to Covid restrictions and on free school meals Votes will take place around 4 p.m. and then 7 p.m.

Politics Live has become the UK coronavirus live blog for quite some time, and given how the Covid crisis overshadows everything, this will continue for the foreseeable future But we’ll also cover non-Covid political stories, like Brexit, and when they seem bigger or more interesting, they will take priority.

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News from the world – GB – UK coronavirus live: Sheffield region mayor says’ inaction is not an option  » because it accepts level 3 restrictions


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