World News – GB – UK coronavirus live: Welsh Prime Minister announces two-week lockdown of ‘firewall’


The Scottish government has changed the way it measures Covid-19 cases by publishing daily test results for all tests performed, including the results of people who have had multiple tests during from the previous day

Nicola Sturgeon, the prime minister, said the new approach meant health officials and ministers would have a better and more realistic understanding of the speed of the coronavirus spread and its location

Until today, Sturgeon has reported the percentage of positive results on a daily basis only for people tested for the first time, but now would include results from people such as nursing home workers who are tested for many times This methodology is closer to the approach recommended by the World Health Organization, she said

She said that 993 people tested positive yesterday According to the old methodology, the latest daily result showed 171% of people tested for the first time were positive, but counting each test, only 64% of people were positive

Sturgeon revealed that the number of people hospitalized had risen again in the past 24 hours, from 40 to 754 patients, while the number of intensive care patients fell from one to 61 One person has died, said she added

He says people won’t be limited to just one exercise per day, like in the first lockdown

Drakeford says Welsh lockdown will not succeed if he has to rely on police

This will only work if people are wondering if they are doing what they need to do to be successful

He says people need to minimize their contact with others for the firewall to be a success

Drakeford says Sir Keir Starmer is backing two-week firewall for UK because that’s what Sage, the government’s science advisory group for emergencies, recommends

And he will review the sanctions that have been imposed, to ensure that they are used proportionately

But Remembrance Day events will be allowed, he says He says they are more important than ever

Retail, leisure and hospitality establishments that are due to close will receive a one-off payment of up to £ 5,000, he says

The only exceptions are adults living alone and single parents, who may see someone for help

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World news – GB – UK coronavirus live: Welsh Prime Minister announces two-week lockdown of ` «  fire break  »


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