World news – GB – Vettel sends a powerful message with a breathtaking helmet design for Turkish racing


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Jens Munser designs unveiled Sebastian Vettel’s Rainbow Helmet for Turkey Weekend. Vettel always advocates the concept of moving together as one, and a helmet is an edifice of the same thing. Well, it would be a feast for the eyes to see the German past speed at this.

Sebastian Vettel hasn’t had the most exciting season. He is in a negative vortex struggling to get inspiration for his race. Well, Otmar Szafnauer and many others explain that F1 is a mental sport. Well, Vettel needs to win the fights on his mind first.

Not gaining much satisfaction with the track, Sebastian Vettel draws on his past experience at Istanbul Park. Besides, his helmet will definitely cheer him up. The message is so noble and unique that it will melt hearts.

The message dear to Sebastian Vettel in these difficult times and that inspired this design can be found on top of the helmet:

“No limits, only horizon – only freedom. The message so dear to Sebastian Vettel’s heart can be found in these difficult times that inspired this design on top of the helmet: together as one, ‘read Jens Munser’s tweet.

Sebastian Vettel looks forward to the weekend in Turkey. Although he is deteriorating at P14 in the tournament, he never gave up for the season. Rhinelander will fight to the end because that’s what he’s doing.

Besides the helmet, Vettel is also happy to be here in Istanbul Park. His recent visit to Turkey gives him some great memories. He highlighted that earlier this week. Well, back here again, he’s going to try to race like he did a decade ago.

Vettel grabbed the headlines the last time he was in Istanbul Park. He started his career here with BMW Sauber in 2006 and scored the fastest lap in a freestyle training session. Well, he’ll be driving around his favorite eighth turn here, but will the excitement catch him?

Sebastian Vettel comes under intense pressure at Ferrari. The relationship feeds like a bad romantic drama. It gets bitter every day and now it’s just a form. Well, it would be better for both parties to race the Grand Prix left with focus and then cross the road.

Otmar Szafnauer is sure Vettel will do wonders at Racing Point. We feel Vettel wants anything but Ferrari now. However, it is not the Italians’ fault either. It is not just a game set to last. Maybe both of them would work fine without each other.

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World News – GB – Vettel sends a powerful message with a breathtaking helmet design to Turkish racing


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