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October 23, 2020 at 6:29 p.m. PDT

Ubisoft is returning to its hacker-centric open world formula with Watch Dogs: Legion, which marks the third game in the series We recently took a close look at Legion and it looks like Ubisoft intends to expand the ideas quite significantly. series central units You’ll still be using your amplified smartphone to hack the planet in every mission, turning security cameras, alarms, weapons, traffic lights and other connected devices on and off at a whim But with Legion, Ubisoft is adding many systems that make the world of the DedSec hacker group deeper and more customizable. You’re not just part of a hacker revolution – you’re building it from scratch

With the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion in less than a week, we’ve compiled everything we’ve learned about the game, including the release date, next-gen version details, multiplayer, etc We will continue to update this as more information, such as our incoming notice

Watch Dogs: Legion is set to release October 28 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia Ubisoft originally planned Legion’s release date for March 6, 2020 In November 2019, however, the company announced that it postponed the game into its 2020-2021 fiscal year, without giving it a new release date This changed during the Ubisoft Forward event in September, which confirmed the release dates for the current and next gen of the game.

Speaking of which, Watch Dogs: Legion is set to release on next-gen consoles It will arrive as a launch title for Xbox Series X | Microsoft’s S and PS5 on November 10 and 12 respectively Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said the game would « take full advantage » of the power of these machines

Any progress you make in the current version of Watch Dogs: Legion is transferable to its next-gen counterpart However, any progress you make is tied to the same family of platforms – for example between PS4 and PS5 , Xbox One and Series X / S, and PC and Stadia, but not between them

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series puts you in the role of a hacker trying to bring down a corrupt government surveillance state.In the first game, set in Chicago, you played hacker Aiden Pearce outlaw capable of operating and manipulating ctOS, a citywide computer system that monitored and collected data on just about everyone The bones of Ubisoft’s open-world game were similar to what the developer produced in other franchises – it was a third-person shooter that mixed stealth elements and where you could also jump into n ‘any car to reach various destinations and escape the pursuit of police cars What Watch Dogs added was the hack element, which allowed you to change traffic lights to cause collisions and stop pursuers, connect to surveillance cameras to see enemy patrol routes and sneak around them more carefully, or trigger enemy radios or weapons to create Distractions

In Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft switched to a new character, Marcus, and his anarchist hacker group known as DedSec In this game, ctOS had spread to San Francisco and hackers were trying to overthrow the system and free the city He also had a fairly political bent, satirizing the city’s technological culture and leaning into a few loaded topics of the modern world, such as police violence against minorities and people of color.

Watch Dogs: Legion continues on the path mapped out by Watch Dogs 2 You’re working with DedSec again, but things have gotten completely dystopian The game is set in a possible future of our current world, set in a post-London Brexit which has become a police state as the government has struggled to deal with the fallout from the current political climate Instead of joining a collective of hackers from different characters like in Watch Dogs 2, however, in Legion you build DedSec from the start of the game. You do this by recruiting various non-player characters into the fold.The biggest change in Legion is the fact that every character in the game could potentially become a player character if you do whatever is necessary to recruit them, which includes the exercise your abilities as a hacker to learn more about their background, change their opinions on DedSec and build loyalty missions to turn them into your cause Any NPC in town is a potential recruit, and they all have random abilities and weaknesses that can make them assets for your team under the right circumstances

While most of the hack game systems from the last two games persist in Legion, it’s the NPC system that really sets it apart.

In previous Watch Dogs games, your hacking repertoire included the Profiler, a system that allowed you to instantly find a little bit of information about NPCs and characters you might interact with. This information sometimes gave you gambling options, like siphoning funds from someone’s bank account, but mostly it was just a showcase for various people wandering around Chicago or San Francisco to look a little more real.

The Profiler is an essential tool in Legion, however Whenever you use it to scan an NPC in the game you learn key information about that person You will see their profession and what they are currently doing – all NPCs have jobs and timetables in Legion – along with their inherent traits A given person can deal much more melee damage than other characters or be adept at hacking They can also have physical ailments; an elderly character we played at E3 was a great hacker but physically weak and moved slower than our other recruits due to his advanced age (In the same way you learn more about potential recruits, you can also use the Profiler on enemies to find out their strengths and weaknesses before a battle)

You will also receive a short story about each NPC you scan and get a glimpse of their opinion on DedSec The authorities in London consider DedSec a terrorist organization and denounce this organization in the media, so some people have a vision criticism of hackers, while others are more favorable to their cause

In order to recruit an NPC, you must first give them their opinion of DedSec, which you can do by helping them solve their problems that you learn from the Profiler or by doing actions that they enjoy in the manner of Robin Hood Characters also remember negative things about DedSec’s actions, so you’ll have to be careful with what you do and how people see you. As you elevate these opinions, you will eventually have the chance to complete a specific mission for that character related to its backstory. A character we recruited at E3 was blackmailed by corrupt cops, forcing us to infiltrate New Scotland Yard and wipe the dirt they had on our future DedSec addition After completing the mission the guy joined in which added him to the list of 20 DedSec characters we could have anytime.

Once you have characters you open up a host of other systems linked to them Legion has three character classes, and when you get a new recruit you assign them the one you want:

You generally want to choose classes for your characters that match their intrinsic traits; Melee fighters are better at infiltrators, while characters who can absorb a lot of damage make good Enforcers, etc. Playing with your character can also upgrade them to unlock additional abilities and perks over time, so it’s worth investing time in your recruits.

As you recruit characters, you’ll be able to switch to them on the fly whenever you want Since everyone still has a job and a schedule, the characters you don’t play will be living their life in the meantime; when you swap them you will find them wherever they are in the city When you are not using characters they are still part of the party, however They will intervene on the radio to comment on your missions and actions, and some have perks passives that can affect your playing even when they’re not around In our E3 demo, we found ourselves running away from the police and received a notification that another character’s passive trait would increase police response times to facilitate the escape. Such capabilities effectively make the rest of DedSec feel like working with you and helping you out, even when they’re not around.

Below you can check out Ubisoft Forward’s latest preview on Watch Dogs: Legion, which offers a look at the look, gameplay, and the game’s first major DLC expansion.

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If you’re more interested in uninterrupted gameplay, you can watch our video featuring 20 minutes of footage in which we embarked on a serious in-game story mission about AI tech gone horribly wrong and human trafficking

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Yes, there is multiplayer As with Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs: Legion will support online co-op play with up to four players All advancements in Legion’s online modes will be cross-gen and cross-platform The game’s live producer, Lathieeshe Thillainathan, mentioned in a recent interview with GameSpot: « Online sandbox cross progression is universal. on all the platforms you play on Whether you’re on PlayStation or PC, it will go wherever you play « 

If you want to run Watch Dogs: Legion on PC, you’ll find everything you need to know to do it right in the details below We’ve included the exact specs needed, whether you’re running on a low-end or mid-to-high level machine

Like other Ubisoft games, Watch Dogs: Legion will have a pretty sizable lineup of post-launch DLC content.The first wave of content implements its online components as a free update that will include modes and cooperative missions, as well as a PvP invasion mode that will go live on December 3

The first paid DLC (as part of a paid season pass) is called Bloodline It features original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce, supported by Watch Dogs 2, character Wrench, both playable The expansion will update players on each character and what they’ve been up to since the events of their previous games’ stories. You can learn more about the game’s DLC plans in our in-depth explanation of Watch Dogs: Legion post-launch content.

If all this Watch Dogs Legion talk is your thing, you can pre-order it in advance.In addition to the standard edition, there are a few versions you can pre-order that come with additional goodies For more details on each version, be sure to jump into our pre-order guide Otherwise, you can pre-order the standard version from Amazon using the button below

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