World News – GB – Watch: Pianist plays calmly as anti-lockdown protesters clash with police behind him


A pianist who was filmed calmly playing a tune on a street in Barcelona as protesters started fires and clashed with police is widely shared on social media

In the video, the pianist is seen playing the tune of ‘Eternal Flame,’ a song originally recorded by The Bangles, even as protests take place in the street behind him

He continues to play even though there are explosions, howling sirens and protesters running through the streets Spectators are seen watching the pianist and the chaos behind them

The pianist, identified as Peter William Geddes, said he was playing at Plaça Nova on October 31, but told The Guardian he felt « at peace » despite the chaos behind him « When I play , I am very calm No nerves, ”he told the newspaper

Hundreds of people had gathered to protest against new restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 in the region, including a curfew and a ban on leaving the city during a holiday weekend. Protests erupted after Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez issued orders declaring a state of emergency and imposed a nationwide curfew between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Geddes’ original video on Instagram only had a few thousand views, but it was shared widely on Twitter with almost 35 million views and there was a lot of reaction to it:

It’s been done in so many movies The one that comes to mind is the opening scene of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, when Groot gets closer to Mr. Blue Sky as chaos unfolds around him https: // tco / TdtaUiQYQ4

Before 2020 I would expect to see this only in a Hollywood movie and not in real life

Is the song he’s playing An Eternal Flame by the Bangles ?! Wow, okay, right? 😳 He is trying to have peace in the middle of a storm God bless them

I love that he never loses focus or just keeps playing He’s so happy And the woman is torn but keeps coming back to music ❤️

The movement of the police vehicles seems to have a balletic choreography As long as there are only a few around him calmed down by the music, not a huge crowd, the police better let him continue Their targets are angry protesters Keep playing 🎹 🎶 🎵

Very good life advice for 2020 in general, « no matter what we throw at you … keep playing »! #dedication

This video is due to be viewed on December 31 at 11:59 p.m. as a highlight of 2020 PLEASE PLEASE

A spokesperson for the Mossos d’Esquadra regional police told AFP that 700 demonstrators attended the rally. The rally turned violent when a group of around 50 people « began to throw dangerous objects ”on the police, prompting them to attempt to disperse the crowd

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World News – UK – Watch: Pianist plays calmly as anti-lockdown protesters clash with police behind him


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