World News – GB – What your MP has to say about West Yorkshire’s level 2 restrictions


West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire will fall under level 2 restrictions – meaning pubs will remain open for now

MPs reacted to news that West and South Yorkshire will be subject to further restrictions of level 2 coronavirus to tackle the current spike in cases

MPs from West and South Yorkshire were told in a meeting with Health Secretary Matt Hancock earlier today that their constituencies would be subject to the Level 2 restrictions – meaning that ‘they were spared from pub closures, but not from the ban on mixing households

Starting Wednesday, people will no longer be able to mingle with other people outside their homes or support the bubble indoors.Outdoors, the rule of six applies, which means for those in Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale, there has been a relaxation of measures

« The government today announced that all of West Yorkshire will be subject to level two restrictions After months of uncertainty and weeks of speculation and confusion for local people and businesses, I hope this will bring more clarity

« While we are not currently facing any closures in the hospitality industry, the continued restrictions on indoor mixing will impact many Bradford businesses They need financial support additional and I will continue to push the government to deploy financial support in all restricted areas

« Infection rate remains extremely high in Bradford and I urge people to keep themselves and their families safe »

« I am glad we are not on the highest alert level and look forward to what hopefully will be simpler advice as we all strive to tackle the growing number of Covid cases and hospitalizations in Kirklees

« Thank you to everyone who worked and volunteered in our community during this crisis »

« The level two restrictions are clear and simple: no more than six people can congregate outside and there can be no home mixing inside The same exemptions apply as before

« I am very happy that pubs and restaurants are still allowed to operate However, it is essential that we stick to the rules; wash our hands, cover our faces and save space thanks to the social distancing to make sure we don’t get into level three restrictions « 

« One of the many reasons the Prime Minister has proven to be such a formidable and popular politician for so many years is his steadfast belief in the good sense of the British people

« Therefore, instead of a constant blizzard of arbitrary rules that will only serve to collapse the economy and destroy businesses and jobs, will it remind people of what is important, the distancing social, handwashing, most at risk groups, the elderly, people with health problems, etc. and once again trusted the British to act responsibly

« After all, believing that individuals make better decisions for themselves, their families and their communities than the state can make for them is certainly at the heart of what it means to be conservative? »

« The data is what it is We saw a significant increase last week, we discussed it at the regular Kirklees meeting I thought it was inevitable but I’m a little relieved that we are in the second level and not in the first tie

« We have to work really hard to bring these numbers down, otherwise the real concern is overloading hospitals again We have to stop this It’s up to all of us to obey these rules, bring the numbers down and give health workers the chance they need to do their job « 

« It is disappointing that our communities now have to accept new restrictions However, Level 2 means that many businesses can stay open and people can still participate in many aspects of their daily lives which is so important for mental health and well-being

« What is important above all is that these restrictions work and that the spread of the coronavirus is slowing The sacrifices we make must lead to something, and if cases do decrease, the restrictions should also be relaxed

« It looks like the restrictions in Leeds will remain pretty much unchanged for now

« However, if the number of infections continues to rise and LGI and Jimmy’s have to admit more patients, the question will be whether we could be taken to the highest level, forcing some businesses to shut down

« I asked the Prime Minister this afternoon for assurances that city council would be consulted before such decisions were taken, but I have not received any Ministers to start working in partnership with elected local leaders and public health officials as we try to control this pandemic « 

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World news – GB – What your MP has to say about West Yorkshire’s level 2 restrictions


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