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VIP A government official complained on 10 November that the World Health Organization (WHO) had not shared enough information about its planned mission to China to investigate the animal origins of the Coronavirus

Jarrett Gressby of the UC Team The Department of Health and Human Services realized that the criteria for the WHO mission in China were not shared with other countries and spoke during a weeklong meeting of member states of the UN Health Agency

He said via video conference that (terms of reference) have not been negotiated in a transparent manner with all member states of the World Health Organization, referring to the mission’s criteria, what needs to be done is to understand the origins of COVID-19 through a transparent and comprehensive investigation « in recent months, A long-term team led by the World Health Organization seeking to investigate the animal origins of the Coronavirus has stopped in China

Although epidemic travel restrictions and a focus on stopping the huge number of cases of the new Coronavirus have complicated matters, some scientists are concerned that China has not yet provided basic details about the research already underway

U-o The objections came when an independent panel commissioned by the World Health Organization to assess its management of the global response to COVID-19 said it was examining whether the United Nations health agency had sufficient strength and funding to stop future epidemics.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, who co-chaired the committee, said the group is particularly interested in establishing an accurate timeline of the first coronavirus alerts and what responses have been taken

The independent committee will do its utmost to shed light on what has happened and is still happening and why, Ms. Clark said, « We are wondering if the World Health Organization has the right powers, the right powers, the appropriate capabilities and the appropriate funding to prepare for and respond to the epidemic. »

Critics, including President Donald Trump, slammed the World Health Organization for allegedly colluding with China to hide the extent of the initial coronavirus spread.Earlier this year, the Associated Press reported that senior Chinese officials had not warned the public about the pandemic threat of the coronavirus for six Days and they have stopped sharing the virus’ genetic sequence and other key data with WHO experts

Ms. Clark said the committee would also review « the extent to which the WHO and the international system as a whole can meet countries’ needs and expectations. » On Monday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called for more money, saying the agency’s budget is equivalent to what the world spends on Tobacco every day

Mrs. Clark avoids criticism of the World Health Organization or member states like China for their efforts on COVID-19

Last month, Germany and France led a call from European Union countries arguing that the WHO should have more powers to independently investigate outbreaks in countries and that their funding should be increased

Earlier this year, the Trump administration stopped funding for the World Health Organization and pledged to withdraw the United States – the largest single donor – from the UN health agency by next summer. President-elect Joe Biden said he plans to keep the United States in the organization. / p>

The World Health Organization meeting ends on November 14 so far, the world has witnessed more than 50 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 126 million deaths, but experts say that all numbers reduce the real losses of the epidemic

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World News – Great Britain – The World Health Organization does not share enough information about the Coronavirus probe in China: U Q


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