World news – Government defeated again because of a disguise scandal at Lords Vote


The government was defeated again on the disguise scandal when peers backed a new offer to ensure homeowners don’t have to pay for fire protection work.

The House of Lords passed an amendment to that of the Lord Bishop of St. Albans , Alan Smith, proposed fire protection bill by 326 votes to 248 to ensure tenants don’t have to pay for the removal of unsafe siding from homes.

It is giving Boris Johnson new headaches in the House of Commons where Tory MPs are threatening over To rebel at what they consider to be unfair costs passed on to homeowners to address historic fire safety deficiencies identified after the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Thousands of people living in flammable-clad homes are faced with high After the fire in Grenfell there are serious deficiencies in the fire protection of medium-sized u nd tall buildings.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick tried to defuse the series last month by pledging £ 3.5 billion in cash to help homeowners.

However, he was « betrayed » Accused by tenants as it became known that the plans would force some tenants to take out loans.

The money will only be used to remove cladding in buildings more than 18 meters tall.

People Those who live in buildings below this height have to borrow and wipe thousands of pounds off the value of their homes.

Brilliant news @UKHouseofLords has just passed McPartland-Smith Amendment 326 v 248 and is now back at @HouseofCommons. A big thank you to @BishopStAlbans and @bishopSarahM for ensuring MPs have the opportunity to vote @ ukcag @ EOCS_Official @ Royston_Smith to protect tenants

He told HuffPost UK: “The change protects tenants from paying historical payments Fire protection costs and maintains the status quo in the Fire Protection Reform Ordinance of 2005.

“Tenants, action groups and proponents of the amendment do not want the taxpayer to pay – we want those responsible to pay and only the government has the power to pre-allocate the funds and then to collect those responsible to repay them.

« The focus now is on convincing the government to work with us and the tenants to find a compromise that protects the tenants from paying the historic fire safety costs. « 

Smith told the Lords that the Ministers had » grievous n negative financial ramifications that this bill will have « for tenants » and that ministers are « morally wrong in treating tenants in this crisis ».

He said owners could force tenants to « graduate costs. » “To reimburse for fire protection work carried out through no fault of your own.

The Bishop told the Lords: » Far from the government’s estimated remedial costs of around £ 9,000 per tenant, depending on the terms of the lease and the related Work, a tenant could very easily be given a £ 50,000 bill to be paid within weeks. « 

Citing a survey by Inside Housing, he said many of those affected are already looking for bankruptcy opportunities.

« Tenants are the innocent party – they bought their properties in good faith and believe they are safe.

 » Not the one Cladding providers, not the developers, but the hardworking common people who were forced to pay for defects that were considered safe in the purchase of their homes. « 

He added, » If enough precautions are not taken, the tenants To protect, a conscious choice would be made to impose poverty, possibly bankruptcy and certainly misery on thousands of ordinary people – people whose only crime was pursuit.

Labor Housing spokesman, Lord Kennedy of Southwark, who supported the amendment , said: « The tenants are victims and have done nothing wrong.

 » They did everything right, they bought their property and they are paying their mortgage and are being punished for the failures of others.

« The fact that their building is covered in dangerous cladding has made their apartments worthless – they can’t sell them but they are expected to beza their mortgage and other fees hlen. « 

He said it caused pain and agony for the tenants, but insisted that it was a » highly complex matter with no easy solution « that could not be resolved in this bill.

The bill is now being sent back to the Commons for further consideration in another round of parliamentary table tennis.

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