World news – Hamish and Andy became TV rivals


Australian TV and radio power duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are confident that tough network competition and rating rivalry will not destroy their precious relationship.

Lee has signed with Channel 10 to host the network’s much touted new program The Cube, while Blake hosts Lego Masters for another network.

The Cube is a game show based on an overseas hit UK format. Lee is currently filming the series in Sydney and there is a slim chance that the two shows will be included against each other in television programs and Blake V Lee will compete against each other in a ratings showdown.

« We laughed about it yesterday while we were driving around in the car doing some errands.

« I think 20 years of solid friendship and still daily contact with each other will even survive a head-to-head battle – the cube against the brick or the box against the brick.

« I hope the Cube does it really, really well. I’m sure there is room in the TV landscape for our two shows to survive. »

Blake said the key to his and Lee’s success is that any project they said « yes » to must have fun in the first place.

« What Ando and I have always enjoyed doing on TV, be it together or alone, we have pretty much the same philosophy, the same decision-making process, namely, ‘If it’s fun, do it' ».  » he said.

« I’m doing my show because it was really fun and I know Ando is doing The Cube because it was fun. »

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