World news – Here are Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber all sorts of looking back together while partying in Tampa


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Do you remember when Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber literally broke up two seconds before they planned to move in and everything was super confusing? Especially since Kelley was literally wearing socks with Peter’s face just a week earlier? Yes, it looks like they’re working on their relationship.

The former couple was spotted partying at the absolutely overcrowded WTR Pool and Grill in Tampa before the Super Bowl, even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, in of scientists are concerned about the spread of new variants.

Annnnnyway, it took about two seconds for footage of Peter and Kelley to show up on Bachelor Nation’s fan accounts, and they seemed pretty cozy:

It’s now E! News released a new report that Peter and Kelley are actually working on their ship. « Peter and Kelley knew they were both going to be in Tampa for the Super Bowl and had plans to meet, » mused a source. « They were in contact and are working on their relationship. »

And although they are not back together yet, « Peter has reached out to Kelley and regrets their breakup. Kelley is very hesitant and believes he is not ready to settle for to hire her, but still have feelings for Peter. « 

Welp. This was an update! Now excuse me while I try not to see the pandemic party footage.

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