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The heroic tow truck driver who tried to rescue the couple killed in the Brisbane accident is now grappling with the financial and emotional aftermath of the tragedy after being disabled.

Daniel Edie’s truck was hit by the allegedly stolen vehicle first, according to his sister Samantha Rasborsek in the terrible accident in Alexandra Hills in which Kate Leadbetter (31) and Matty Field (37) were killed on the way to another accident.

The « humble » driver tried to help the couple who died with their unborn child while walking their dogs on Australia Day in the alleged escape of a 17-year-old boy.

« Not only did he try to help the deceased and injured, but he immediately went into automatic mode and steered traffic away from the scene and stayed and cleaned up the scene, » said Edie’s sister.

« We are very happy and grateful that he received only cuts and bruises and no serious physical injuries, but the mental and emotional impact is greater than we can imagine for him. »

Ms. Rasborsek said her brother is now unemployed because his truck was confiscated as police evidence. So she set up a GoFundMe page to help him pay his bills and support his family.

She told that Mr. Edie works for her parents’ small business, Reliable Towing, which will affect her financially, adding that the family « has no idea how long it will take to get him back on the streets.  » «  »

She said that while Mr. Edie was physically okay, he was « still mentally involved ».

Ms. Rasborsek said it was not clear when the truck would be released for him to make an insurance claim or whether buying a new truck would pay off sufficiently, and she said the custom order could take months.

This means that Mr. Edie was likely « without income for months while trying to get over the fear of the accident ».

Ms. Rasborsek said her brother did not know that she set up the donation page « because he is a very humble person who does not like the attention ».

She said her father is now « working twice in the only remaining truck to keep the company afloat in an already difficult time. »

Ms. Rasborsek said that as a tow truck driver, her brother sees more accidents than most people, but it is different to be personally involved.

Edie’s son, Jeremee, shared the fundraising page on Facebook, adding, « My dad is never someone who asks for help and always will do things himself. »

He said his father is « always there for anyone who needs help » and asked anyone who cannot donate, « Please make sure you look out for people when they need help, even if it’s just a conversation « .

Tens of thousands of people have since signed a petition to the Queensland government demanding that youth laws be tightened following the tragic incident.

Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was joining the victims’ families and the community in their search for answers.

« All agencies will get to the bottom of what actually happened, but at the end of the day two people tragically lost their lives in the suburbs of Brisbane, » she told Sunrise on Thursday morning.

« Nobody wants that to happen. I don’t want that to happen, the community doesn’t want that to happen. »

The 17-year-old suspected driver from Waterford West, Logan, who was on bail at the time, is now charged with murder.

He was arrested on Wednesday and the case is due to be returned to the Children’s Court in March.


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