World news – Heroic Towie trying to save a pregnant couple from work


The heroic tow truck driver who tried to save Kate Leadbetter and Matty Field after being hit by an allegedly stolen SUV in Alexandra Hills is now unemployed.

Daniel Edie’s truck was hit by the allegedly stolen car allegedly driven by a 17-year-old teenager from Waterford West just before that car met Mr. Field and his pregnant partner Ms. Leadbetter at the intersection of Finucane Rd and Vienna Drive in Australia killed day.

Mr Edie’s sister, Samantha Rasborsek, said the emotional impact of the day’s events placed a heavy burden on the local Towie, who was now unemployed because his bend had been confiscated as evidence.

« We are very happy and grateful that he only suffered cuts and bruises and no serious physical injuries, but the mental and emotional impact is greater than we can imagine for him. » He was not just trying to target the deceased and injured help, but also immediately went into automatic mode and directed the traffic away from the scene and stayed and cleared up the scene of the accident as everything was taken away that night.  »

« Since the accident was a crime scene, the police have confiscated his truck as evidence, which means it can no longer work. Unfortunately, until the police investigation is complete, it is not known when the truck will be released for an insurance claim to be able to assert, « said Dr. Razborsek said.

« It takes months to buy a tow truck to order from the truck manufacturer and customize it, so it will be without income for months while trying to overcome the fear of the accident. »

Ms. Rasborsek has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to help her brother pay his bills while he waits for a new truck after Tuesday’s horror events.

« I’m trying to do what I can to help him keep paying his bills and support his family, and to help my parents stay afloat.

« Without the truck, they can’t do the work it takes to pay for it, and my dad works double in the only truck left to keep the company going during an already difficult time. » Reliable towing is a small one Family business that has helped many in their lives in times of need when they have been involved in road accidents. Please let us help you now if you need help.  »

In a heartfelt message to friends, Mr. Edie’s son Jeremee said that while his father would never ask for help, now was the time he needed.

« My father is never one who asks someone for help and he will always take care of things himself. He is always there for everyone who needs help, whether he asks for it or not.

« My aunt created this to support my dad and mom because my dad doesn’t have a tow truck now and probably won’t for some time.

« All I ask now is if you can help please, and if you can’t help please make sure you keep an eye out for people when they need help, even if it’s just a chat. »

Originally published as Heroic Towie Trying to Make a Pregnant Couple Jobless Now


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