World news – Hilarious celebrity bonanza in Super Bowl ads


One of the most anticipated parts of the Super Bowl, along with the halftime show, is the fun commercials.

This year, the Super Bowl 2021 commercials will feature some of the iconic personalities including John Travolta, Cardi B, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and many more, reports The Sun.

John and Ella Travolta, Martha Stewart, Leslie David Baker from the office and Carl Weathers from Happy Gilmore

Scott’s & Miracle-Gro used the help of four great celebrities to promote their lawn care products.

In the commercial that talks about how Americans have been spending a lot of time in the backyards due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdowns, Martha is seen growing tomatoes and Carl practices his golf swing.

Unfortunately, Carl’s ball hit Leslie, who is busy barbecuing while John and Ella practice their dance moves for TikTok.

Mila and Ashton show off their singing skills as they play their own rendition of It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy, with the rapper playing along.

For this Cheetos commercial, Mila Ashtons steals Cheetos and although she is caught (literally) in the act, she denies saying, « It wasn’t me. »

Dolly Parton gave her famous 9 to 5 song an update to promote Squarespace, a website building platform.

Although she isn’t the main cast in the commercial, she appears on a magazine cover winking at the actors.

John Cena is helping Mountain Dew promote its latest giveaway by letting home residents know they could win a million dollars if they can count the number of times the brand shows off their new Major Melon flavor.

In this General Motors commercial, Will, Kenan and Awkwafina work together to promote their latest electric cars, which will be released in 2025.

The trio traveled to Norway – or tried to when Will ended up in Sweden and Kenan and Awkwafina in Finland.

Nick Jonas is working with Dexcom to promote the latest in blood sugar monitoring.

Nick, who has always been very open about his battle with diabetes, even gives fans a preview of what he would look like as an old man.

Matthew plays a cardboard version of himself, talking about how he no longer feels like himself before stepping into a Doritos machine and returning to his normal self.

The legendary quarterback calls his good pal and former teammate Rob to ask what his next career move will be. Thanks to a « spotty network », however, Tom does not get the exact full message and eventually signs a contract not with the New England Patriots but with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For the remainder of the commercial, engineer Michael B. brings Jordan home as their newest Alexa.

The Creed actor gets soaked in the sprinkles before taking off his shirt during a dinner party and even joining the engineer in the tub.

Super Bowl LV will air in our time zones on Monday, with The Weeknd performing during the Half Time Show.


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