World news – Hisense TVs Certified WiSA Ready ™, the WiSA interoperability standard that is becoming a must-have for smart TVs


The leading consumer electronics brand, Hisense, increases customer benefit with its smart TV product line WiSA Ready ™

WiSA® LLC, founded by Summit Wireless Technologies (NASDAQ: WISA), announced a global collaboration with today known for the fast-growing Hisense TV brand, which has certified the brand’s leading 2021 TV models as WiSA Ready ™. This allows a quick and easy connection to all WiSA USB transmitters and WiSA Certified ™ speakers to create amazing and impressive home theater systems. Hisense is joining numerous WiSA member brands including LG, Skyworth, Bang & Olufsen, and others who are implementing integrated wireless technology into meaningful product lines and launches.

« Hisense is proud to be proud to introduce our 2021 North America TV models to the Pushing the limits of video and audio, « said David Gold, president of Hisense America. « WiSA continues to lead the emerging wireless audio category. We are proud to earn WiSA Ready certification and deliver solutions that deliver amazing, convenient, and immersive entertainment experiences to millions of consumers. »

Hisense is the fifth largest US TV brand and fastest growing of the top five US TV brands by units *. The company’s continued growth and rapid rise in rankings are testament to its success in the United States. The award-winning line of products was well received in 2020 and Hisense continues to build on its high performing, high quality products by bringing even more options to market in 2021 for consumers to have a premium viewing experience.

« We We are very excited to announce the WiSA Ready certification of these amazing Hisense televisions, « said Tony Ostrom, President of WiSA. « As smart TV continues to solidify as the center of the home entertainment experience, it is critical for these multifunctional devices to have the front end for great audio performance. WiSA-enabled TVs can seamlessly connect to transmitters and speakers connected to create immersive sound. This is a huge step forward in making the pursuit of great cinema-quality entertainment easier. « 

WiSA®, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, is a consumer electronics consortium that Dedicated to creating interoperability standards used by leading brands and manufacturers to deliver immersive sound through smart devices. WiSA Certified ™ components from any member brand can be combined to dramatically increase the enjoyment of movies and videos, music, sports, games / sports, and more. WiSA also provides robust, high-resolution, low-latency, multi-channel audio while eliminating the complicated setup of traditional audio systems. For more information on WiSA, visit:

Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA) is a leading provider of immersive wireless sound technology for next-generation smart devices and home entertainment systems . Summit Wireless works with leading CE brands and manufacturers such as Harman International, a division of Samsung, LG Electronics, Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen, Xbox, a subsidiary of Microsoft and others, delivering seamless, dynamic audio experiences for high definition content. including movies and videos, music, sports, games / sports, and more. Summit Wireless is a founding member of WiSA, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association, and works together to promote the most reliable interoperability standards across the audio industry. Summit Wireless, formerly called Summit Semiconductor, Inc., is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has sales teams in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. For more information about Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. please visit:

Hisense USA Corporation is a subsidiary of Hisense Company, Ltd., founded in 1969. headquartered in Qingdao, China. Hisense USA Corporation offers an innovative line of technology products that disrupt the consumer electronics industry, challenge competition, and deliver significant value to consumers. To learn more, contact the Max Borges Agency for Hisense at [email protected].

* WiSA-enabled televisions, gaming PCs, and console systems are « ready » to broadcast audio to WiSA-certified speakers when a WiSA USB transmitter is connected and a user interface is activated through an app or product design such as LG TVs.

© 2021 Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Summit Wireless Technologies and the Summit Wireless logo are trademarks of Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. The WiSA logo, WiSA®, WiSA Ready ™, and WiSA Certified ™ are trademarks and certification marks of WiSA, LLC. Third-party trade names, brands, and product names are the intellectual property of their respective owners.

Sarah Cox, Dittoe PR for WiSA, 765.546.1036, [email protected] Keith Washo, WiSA Association, 984.349.272, [email protected] Max Borges Agency for Hisense [email protected]

The Singapore crypto lender made it through the bear market and now has $ 250 million suspended and loaned out.

World equity markets rose on Thursday after the US Federal Reserve promised to maintain its support, though lower Wall Street futures and further spikes in global bond yields and the dollar showed not everyone was convinced. The 50-country world index from MSCI reached almost record highs after the Fed had also forecast growth in the US this year [.N], and a jump into German auto stocks brought the German DAX to a new high in Europe. For traders worried that rising borrowing costs would wipe it out, euro zone government bond yields tracked the benchmark’s 10-year US Treasury bond moves as they climbed to a 14-month high of 1.75%.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng wants to restore confidence in the business after high-profile mistakes like Carillion.

Credit Suisse is overhauling its wealth management business as it undergoes regulatory investigations into its dealings with Greensill Capital and warns Thursday that its Results and customer confidence could be affected by the collapse of the financial firm. Switzerland’s second largest bank and its wealth management arm are suffering from the implosion of around $ 10 billion in funds related to UK supply chain financier Greensill, which is putting pressure on CEO Thomas Gottstein. Credit Suisse said in its annual report that the Swiss regulator FINMA is looking into the matter and examining its effects in relation to the bank’s so-called Pillar 2 buffer, which the capital banks hold against risks.

Brent crude oil fell by 2, $ 33 or 3.43% to $ 65.67 a barrel at 1426 GMT. US oil fell $ 2.27, or 3.51%, to $ 65.67 after losing 0.3% in the previous session. « Short-term developments – stuttering vaccine launches and the surge in US oil inventories – are driving sentiment, but the longer-term oil outlook remains encouraging, » said Tamas Varga, analyst at PVM Oil Associates.

US stocks closed higher on Wednesday and shook off previous losses after Fed policy makers said no rate hikes were expected through 2023, even if inflation surpasses 2%.

(Bloomberg) – China, the world’s largest importer of corn and Soybeans, seeks to reduce cattle feed use to curb the country’s reliance on foreign supplies, according to an official release, buying record quantities of both commodities as demand for animal feed, edible oil and industrial products exceeds the nation’s ability to produce them . China is addressing the problem by increasing support for farmers, increasing productivity and reducing waste. However, demand continues to grow due to economic growth and prosperity. The Ministry of Agriculture has drawn up a plan to partially replace the use of corn and soybean meal with alternatives such as rice, wheat, potatoes and other oilseed meals, the China Swine Industry Journal said and published an official ministry document, but did not provide details on the goal of the substitution known. The country’s demand for corn could exceed 300 million tons by 2030, while soybean consumption could exceed 120 million tons, which will have a huge impact on food security, the Journal said, citing unidentified experts. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates corn consumption at 289 million tons and demand for soybeans at 116.7 million tons in 2020-21. The domestic corn market rose to a record high in January as the grain was increasingly used for pig feed and refining into starch and syrup, and on depleted government stocks. The government has encouraged feed mills to buy wheat and rice from government stocks to replace corn. The country’s soybean imports exceeded 100 million tons in 2020 and corn shipments exceeded 11 million tons. The USDA expects corn imports to reach 24 million tons in the 2020-21 period, more than three times last year. More articles like this can be found at Sign up now to stay up to date with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

(Bloomberg) – Chinese search engine Baidu Inc. raised HKD 23.9 billion (USD 3.1 billion) on the sale of Hong Kong shares, the latest in a series of blockbusters Stock offers completed in the financial center. The company has sold 95 million shares valued at HK $ 252 apiece, according to a filing on Wednesday. That’s nearly a 3% discount off Baidu’s Tuesday closing price in New York of $ 266.78. One of Baidu’s US custody shares is equivalent to eight of the Hong Kong-listed common shares. Baidu, listed on the Nasdaq, follows online auto sales website Autohome Inc. after a wave of such stock sales in 2020 that raised around $ 17 billion to break into Hong Kong. Other companies looking to sell shares in the city include Tencent Music Entertainment Group and video website Bilibili Inc. At $ 3.1 billion, Baidu’s listing is the largest such homecoming by a US-traded Chinese company in Hong Kong since NetEase Inc.’s June 2020 offer, which raised HKD 24.3 billion. A growing cohort of Chinese companies has sought to expand their investor base closer to their home country amid deteriorating relationships between the world’s two largest economies. The trend has increased the volume of listings for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which now has a growing contingent of tech companies operating the city. Globally, IPOs are well on their way to a record high in the first quarter thanks to a US-led boom in blank check companies, although market volatility has increased on concerns about rising inflation. Baidu is now one of China’s technology leaders catching up as the country’s Internet users increasingly switch from desktop to mobile. Over the past few years, the company has spent billions of dollars in areas such as language learning and autonomous driving, betting on smart devices and vehicles of the future. Bank of America Corp., CLSA Ltd. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are joint sponsors of the offering, while China International Capital Corp., UBS Group AG and CCB International Holdings Ltd. are common global coordinators. Baidu shares are set to trade on March 23 in Hong Kong, according to Wednesday’s statement. More articles like this can be found at Sign up now to stay up to date with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Defying concerns about a possible withdrawal of the technology in 2021 as widespread vaccinations allow Americans to spend more time outside their homes, the investment positions Google as a key private sector contributing to economic growth Recovery from COVID-19 downturn will help.

(Bloomberg) – Griddy Energy LLC has one final deal for Texans before the electricity seller finally closes: If its 29,000 former customers agree not to complain, the company will cancel electricity bills , which was normal about 300 times in last month’s winter storm on its first day before the bankruptcy court, Griddy’s attorneys outlined a plan to liquidate, negotiate with clients, and possibly bring lawsuits against those responsible for the company’s collapse makes. The company also received legal clearance to pay its remaining employees and other routine bills while the Chapter 11 case continues. Bankruptcy judge Marvin Isgur described Griddy’s bankruptcy proposal as « unique and truly unprecedented ». Isgur, who oversaw some of the largest corporate restructurings filed in recent years, urged Griddy to make sure customers understand how the bankruptcy case is affecting their huge utility bills after criticizing Griddy’s attempt to further pay one of his lenders . Isgur says customers can expect an average bill of about $ 1,100 due to the winter storm that drove up electricity prices. If Griddy wants to cancel those charges in exchange for customers dropping potential lawsuits, the company must clearly let people know before they vote on the proposal, Isgur said. Customers are considered creditors who can vote on the liquidation plan before Isgur decides on approval. « This is a difficult case, » said Isgur. « I’m really concerned that we’re going to handle this correctly. » Surging PricesGriddy filed for bankruptcy Monday, blaming the Texas Electric Reliability Council, which operates the state’s power grid, for its troubles. During the storm, Ercot is known to have increased wholesale prices for electricity dramatically under the rules enacted by Texan lawmakers that have deregulated much of the state’s electrical industry over the course of several decades. Griddy was banned from the state’s electricity markets in late February after failing to make a payment. Griddy calculated wholesale prices instead of fixed prices. Knowing that this tariff structure would mean massive bills for its customers as electricity prices rose, the company took the unusual step of asking them to switch to a different provider in mid-February. Some customers who didn’t switch on time have been stuck with bills for thousands of dollars. Isgur told the chief attorney who sued Griddy on behalf of clients that the company deserves some credit for those efforts. « I don’t see anyone here who has sat down to do something wrong, » Isgur said of the company. “But I may have someone here who did something wrong. It is far too early to make that decision. « Griddy will seek final approval of its liquidation plan from Isgur within 85 days, » Baker Botts’ Robin Spigel said in court on behalf of the utility company. One option being considered is hiring an administrator who would decide whether to file lawsuits to try to raise money that goes to Griddy’s creditors, Spigel said. The case is Griddy Energy LLC, 21-30923, US bankruptcy court for the southern district of Texas (Houston). Click here to view the Bloomberg Law report. (Updates with customer voting on the liquidation plan in the fourth paragraph) For more articles like this, visit Sign up now to stay up to date with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

The prospect of higher yields on US Treasuries remains a key focus of investors even after the Federal Reserve reassured markets that they will maintain measures to support growth despite expectations of a strong economic recovery . Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on Wednesday pledged to keep interest rates at record lows for years to come, despite expectations of a sharp acceleration in growth and inflation this year as the COVID-19 crisis subsides.

The Bank of Thailand has ruled all THT stablecoin-related activity « illegal » as it violates national currency law.

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) has proven that consumers would buy electric cars. Now both traditional automakers and startups are taking advantage of this demand. By 2030, around half of global vehicle sales are expected to be generated with electric vehicles. By the end of 2020, the spread of electric vehicles in Europe was already approaching a fifth. According to the Financial Times, Ford Motor Co’s (NYSE: F) electric sport utility vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E has started to take advantage of Tesla’s market share in the US, while in Europe, the world’s largest electric car market, Volkswagen (OTC: VWAGY) Tesla made it the top-selling manufacturer of electric vehicles last year. Startups Can Keep Up Rivian is poised to be the first to ship the world’s first electric pickup, with sales of an electric SUV and an electric pickup planned for later this year. Investments have been made by Ford and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and raised $ 8 billion since 2019. Battery costs should be cut in half over the next half of a decade, and rising emissions reduction costs will help smaller players fill the profit gap. Worksport (OTC: WKSP) is one such startup. The TerraVis system can supply pickups with power via solar-powered cargo space covers, but is also used as a remote power source. Atlis Motor Vehicles and Hercules Electric Vehicles have already signed up to configure this technology for the expected electric pickups. Premium automakers are also joining in. Sales of high-end versions are focused on regions where electrification is advancing faster and premium automakers will not fail to capitalize on this trend. Even Aston Martin has promised to start building its battery-powered sports car and sport utility vehicle by 2025. Both models are not made in plants by its partner Mercedes-Benz, which owns 20% of the company, but in Aston plants in the Midlands and Wales while the UK struggles to attract the investment it needs to secure the future of the industry. Ferrari is committed to producing battery models by 2030. VW’s Bentley is planning a battery car for the middle of the decade. Meanwhile, VW’s McLaren and Lamborghini haven’t set any schedules, but have announced their plans to build their own supercars for the EV era. Tesla is not slowing Tesla’s market share losses in the US and Europe. This could indicate that the competitive dynamics are starting to emerge. However, the Kingdom of Tesla continues to grow after delivering nearly half a million vehicles worldwide last year, an increase of more than a third from 2019, and is expected to grow faster in 2021. It is an optimistic, extravagant CEO with a claim for « grandiose » ideas, Elon Musk has just crowned himself as the « Technoking of Tesla », with CFO Zach Kirkhorn having the title « Master of Coin » effective Monday with a change to the Securities and Exchange Commission received. After years of sluggish adoption, electric vehicles are now facing a sharp increase in sales. In addition, a number of revolutionary new products could make ICE vehicles a thing of the past much sooner than expected. Welcome to the Golden EV Age. This article is not a press release and is authored by IAMNewswire. At no point should it be construed as investment advice. Please read the full disclosure. IAM Newswire has no position in any of these companies. Press Releases – For a full distribution of press releases, contact: [email protected] Contributors – IAM Newswire accepts pitches. If you are interested in becoming an IAM journalist, please contact: [email protected] Welcome to the Golden Age of Electric Vehicles first appeared on IAM Newswire. For more information on Benzinga, click here for information on BenzingaOracle’s option deals. Soft guidance overshadowed strong results This week’s earnings repertoire © 2021 Benzinga does not offer investment advice. All rights reserved.

Nokia, which announced thousands of job cuts this week, is forecasting profit margins to surge to 10-13% in 2023 as new CEO Pekka Lundmark sets a course to beat competitors in the race for deployment of 5G networks. Nokia, which lost to Swedish company Ericsson and Chinese company Huawei in its battle to work on next-generation 5G networks, cut its forecast for its 2020 operating margin from 9.5% to 9% last year and forecast 7 to 10% for 2021. Lundmark, who took over the helm in August, has introduced a new operating model with four corporate groups and plans to reduce the workforce from the current 90,000 employees by 10,000 over the next two years.

GBP / USD was able to increase at 1, 3980 failed to stabilize above resistance and retreated towards support at 1.3950.

Shares fell after another record session on Wall Street on Thursday as government bond yields rose again.

(Bloomberg ) – Texas and other red states are suing the Biden administration for annulling the $ 8 billion Keystone XL pipeline, exacerbating litigation over the controversial pipeline, which extends to a third presidential administration. President Joe Biden lacks the unilateral power to change the energy policy set by Congress, according to a complaint filed in federal court in Texas on Wednesday. The lawsuit was brought by Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas and Austin Knudsen, Attorney General of Montana. « The executive’s unilateral decision to revoke Keystone XL approval goes against the constitutional structure that states agreed to at the time of ratification, » states said. « The decision of the executive also interferes with the ability of states to administer and control the country within their borders. » States said in the complaint they would receive « tens of millions of dollars » in tax revenue from building and operating the Keystone XL. In Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, the estimated estimated property tax on the Keystone XL project is in its first full year of operation Complaint approximately $ 55.6 million. The pipeline permit, which would connect tar sands in Canada to U.S. refineries, was approved by the Trump administration in 2019 after being rejected by President Barack Obama. Biden issued executive order revoking the Keystone XL pipeline’s cross-border presidential approval once he took office in January. The Keystone Pipeline has support from the Canadian government, construction and energy industries, but is opposed by environmentalists, tribes and some landowners. Attorneys-general from 19 states, including Alabama, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah, and Wyoming, joined the Texas and Montana lawsuit: « The argument that transporting crude oil through pipelines is more polluting than rail or rail Shipping is absurd and has been refuted multiple times even by the Obama-Biden State Department, « said Mike Hunter, attorney general of Oklahoma. « The Keystone pipeline will also bring the US closer to energy independence. » Canadian pipeline giant TC Energy Corp. had sued the Obama administration in federal court in Texas, also arguing that Obama’s rejection of the project was contrary to the will of Congress. TC Energy dropped the lawsuit without a resolution in 2017 after Trump granted permission from the President. Alberta also threw its weight behind Keystone XL last year, providing $ 5.3 billion in investments and loans for the project. « We are currently reviewing all options following the executive mandate, including examining all avenues – including trade deals – to recoup our investment in the event of the project, » said the Alberta Prime Minister in a statement emailed. If the pipeline were built, it would stretch 1,900 kilometers (1,200 miles) from the oil sands in Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska, to connect to existing infrastructure to carry oil to refineries on the Gulf Coast. The case is State of Texas v Biden, 3: 21-cv-00065, US District Court, Southern District of Texas (Galveston). (Updates with background information, details from complaints) For more articles like this, visit Sign up now to stay up to date with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Bitcoin could be set for a price rally north of $ 100,000 this summer following Pantera’s example.

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