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Home Bargains shoppers are eager to get their hands on the latest exclusive online product – a barista coffee maker.

The retailer posted its latest offering on its Facebook page with the headline: « ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Wake up and smell the coffee. With this high-quality VonShef espresso machine at home you’ll never have to go to the local barista again. » </ Home Bargains stores will stay open during the lockdown and people will be allowed to go shopping if they need to buy essentials like groceries and medicines.

The compact Vonshef 15 bar espresso machine has an MSRP of £ 99.99, but Home Bargains only sells it online for £ 59.99.

It has a 15 bar steam pressure water pump that can do it all Prepare your favorites like latte, cappuccino and espresso and has a professional milk foam stick.

The description on the Home Bargains website reads: « The simple control panel has buttons for power, pump and coffee as well as a steam regulator.

« For best results, preheat your machine before use. Then just fill your coffee filter, lock it, turn on the pump switch and watch the coffee flow. To stop the machine as soon as your cup is full, just turn off the power.

« If you fancy a change from an espresso, use the milk foam to prepare delicious lattes, cappuccinos or hot chocolate. Simply fill a jug with cold milk, put the stick in the milk and use the adjustment knob to froth and heat the milk to your liking. « 

The buyers were very excited about the machine, as many people tagged their friends on the Facebook post, which received almost 300 comments.

Christina tagged a friend with the words, « We need this … » and Layla added, « I need one of these for our new home. »

The way we spend our free time has changed massively changed, but still lots to see and do.

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