World news – How do Andy Dalton’s career numbers compare to those of Chicago Bears’ 2020 QBs Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles?


When Andy Dalton joins the Chicago Bears, here’s how he compared Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles, quarterbacks of the 2020 Bears, over the course of their careers.

Trubisky, number 2 in the 2017 draft , became a free agent on Wednesday while Foles, who the Bears took over from the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2020, remains in Chicago. Dalton joined the Bears on a one-year deal announced on Wednesday.

142: Dalton’s regular season begins over a 10-year career, including nine seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals and one with the Dallas Cowboys. He joined the Cowboys to be the backup in 2020 but started nine games after Dak Prescott was injured.

55: The regular season kicks off with Nick Foles over a nine-year career with five teams. He has started 10 games or more in a season only twice in his career, 2013 with the Philadelphia Eagles (10) and 2015 with the St. Louis Rams (11). He started seven with the Bears in 2020.

50: The regular season begins with Mitch Trubisky over a four-year career with the Bears. He started the first three for the Bears in 2020, was used for the next seven for Foles, and then started the remaining six.

87.5: Dalton’s passerby rating over 10 seasons. His highest score was 106.2 over 13 games in 2015, while his lowest score was 78.3 over 13 games in 2019, his final season in Cincinnati. He had an 87.3 rating in 2020 with the Cowboys.

87.1: Foles’ passerby rating over nine seasons. His highest score was 119.2 in 10 starts and 13 appearances with the Eagles in 2013, while his lowest score with the Rams in 2015 was 69. He had a Bears rating of 80.8 in 2020.

87.2: Trubisky’s passerby rating over four seasons. His highest score was 95.4 in 2018 in the Bears’ first season under Matt Nagy, while his lowest score was 77.5 over 12 starts in his rookie season under John Fox. He had a 93.5 rating in 2020 with the Bears.

4,293: Dalton’s career high in 2013 was 33 touchdown passes with 20 interceptions in 16 starts with the Bengals. He was then 26 years old and is now 33. He threw for 4,206 yards in 2016.

2,891: Foles’ career was high in the past in 2013. He threw 27 touchdown passes and two interceptions in 10 starts and 13 games with the Eagles. He was then 24 years old and is now 32 years old.

3.223: Trubisky’s career in 2018 drove by. He threw 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 14 starts. He was then 24 years old and is now 26 years old.

0: Career playoff wins in four starts for Dalton, all with the Bengals. He averaged 218 passes, threw one touchdown pass and six interceptions, and had a pass rating of 57.8 in those four games.

4: Career playoff wins in six starts for Foles with the Eagles . He averaged 272 yards, threw 11 touchdown passes and five interceptions, and had a 98.8 rating in those six games. Three of the wins came on the Eagles’ run to the Super Bowl LII championship when Foles was named MVP of the game.

0: Trubisky career playoff wins in two starts with the Bears. He averaged 251 meters, threw two touchdown passes and no interceptions and had a score of 92.5 in the two games.

61.1: Dalton’s degree of completion in the last four seasons. With Dalton’s best seasons well before Trubisky’s entry into the NFL, here’s what Dalton has done since 2017: 11,550 passes, 6.7 yards per try, 76 touchdowns, 45 interceptions, and a rating of 84.8 in 49 starts and ends 51 Play. 4.4% touchdown percentage, 2.6% interception percentage, 6.6% sack percentage.

65.8: Foles’ degree of completion in the last four seasons: 4,538 yards, 6.3 yards per attempt , 25 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, and a rating of 85.3 in 19 starts and 25 games. 3.4% touchdown percentage, 2.2% interception percentage, 5.2% sack percentage.

64: Trubisky’s completion rate in four seasons: 10,609 yards, 6.7 yards per attempt, 64 touchdowns, 37 Interceptions and 87.2 ratings in 50 starts and 51 games. 4.1% touchdown percentage, 2.3% interception percentage, 6.6% sack percentage.

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