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World news – How Kevin Knox feels about disrupting Knick’s demotion

Kevin Knox tries to stay positive and focused after being downgraded from the Knicks 10-man rotation this week.

The 2018 lottery didn’t play in the Knicks’ losses to the Clippers on Sunday on Monday night in Chicago after they were only eight minutes away from the bench in the team’s last two games.

« I know we have a lot of great players on this team, » said Knox before the second game in a row against the cops on Wednesday. “The rotations can get tight. Coach [Tom Thibodeau] makes a lot of decisions. But in the end he is the head coach. Whatever decision he makes, I have to respect it.

« I will continue to be ready because anything can happen at any point in time. So I want to make sure I’m ready. I will keep improving my reps, keep the ball Shoot well, focus a lot on defense, watch a lot of movies. So if you call my number and it’s my time, I’ll be ready. « 

Knox, the ninth overall winner in 2018 from Kentucky, had in the first Completed a dozen Knicks games for more than 22 minutes per game. Security guard Alec Burks and rookie forward Obi Toppin missed several games with injuries before making their recent return. Knox shot 41.7 percent out of 3-point range and an average of 22 minutes per game over this distance.

Reggie Bullock, who missed several games with a neck problem last week, also returned to the Clippers on Sunday Line up back. Thibodeau prefers to start Bullock with a small striker because of his defensive ability.

After the rotation returned to full strength, Thibodeau said on Monday that Knox’s status was « very situational » and that he was « the next man. » « would be in » if further injuries occur.

Former first division side Frank Ntilikina has also not played since returning from a knee injury last week, while underutilized security guard Dennis Smith Jr. played the Westchester Knicks on Monday G League.

The 21-year-old Knox started 57 games as a rookie in 2018-19 and averaged 28.4 minutes per game. However, its playing time dropped to 17.9mpg last year. He’s averaged 6.1 points and 18.2 minutes in 20 games this season. « You see a lot of different things from the sidelines, honestly, » said Knox. « You see a lot of little things that you don’t really see on the pitch. I think a lot of people can say the same thing. I really watched the game and really learned from the sidelines

 » Last year my minutes were a little low, But like I said, I really learned a lot from last year about being ready and just going to work no matter how much playing time you have. I will continue to do the same this year. « 

Right now, that means to put his work into practice and support his teammates as his future with the organizations grows bleak.

« I think this is very important right now. Just being the best teammate I can no matter how much I get playing time, « said Knox. « I’m just encouraging my boys and making sure I help some of the young boys – Obi, Quick [Immanuel Quickley] – and even some of the older boys when I see something from the side.

 » I always stand by , work hard on the field and go 100 percent because you never know when my number will be called. Whether I play or not. I’ll just be the best teammate I can be … when my number gets called , I’ll be ready to go in there and play really hard, get rebounds, get steals, just play frantic games and make sweepstakes like that. I can see my minutes go up. « 

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