World news – How much rain can we expect on the northern rivers?


Ms. Reid said a low point is expected offshore today, bringing more rain to the New South Wales coast.

The central north coast was likely the worst weather, but the meteorologist said people on the northern rivers should be aware that heavy rain can cause the river to flood and keep abreast of warnings.

Precipitation was expected to increase today and increase tomorrow, with the possibility of thunderstorms that last into the weekend.

Ms. Reid said the large trough system off the coast was in no hurry and there was a lot of water in it.

She said we had a humid summer that turned Now turned into a wet fall, and saturated soil conditions increased the likelihood of rivers being flooded.

Ms. Reid said while the central north coast was expected to receive the worst conditions, e There’s some differences in the areas that are expected to be affected so people of the northern rivers should be aware of evolving conditions.

Northern Rivers SES said one in the coming days Flood watch could be issued for coastal areas.


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