World news – HVAC Air Quality Monitoring Market by 2024 – Growth Insights & Business Strategy


Increased awareness of the hazards posed by poor indoor air quality has given the HVAC air quality monitoring market a significant boost as people stay indoors for the most part, especially in urban areas . Having an efficient HVAC system has become a mandatory feature in air-conditioned buildings, especially given tighter regulations that have made energy efficiency in buildings a mandate.

The market for HVAC air quality monitoring has been a robust one lately Growth is growing as awareness of the importance of healthy indoor air quality in maintaining overall human health has gained widespread recognition. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 8 million people worldwide die every year from poor air quality. Notably, the number is greater than the number of people killed by tuberculosis, AIDS, and malaria combined.

One device that took the HVAC air quality monitoring market by storm when it was first introduced was Speck 2.0, the one from Spin -off Carnegie Mellon University called Airviz Inc. was developed. The device was easy to install in homes and constantly displays airborne particles, which will help local residents adjust indoor activities or ventilation to keep particles at safe levels. According to the WHO, 4 million deaths worldwide are caused by poor indoor air quality, often caused by simply cooking on the stove or lighting a fire with inadequate ventilation, and which can lead to serious disabilities such as asthma, autism and ADHD.

The rise in airborne diseases and the increasing number of tech-savvy consumers have warned all HVAC companies that they need to get into air surveillance as soon as possible to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market. Incorporating IAQ and OAQ monitoring into all units would allow companies to stay ahead of the curve and competition in the HVAC air quality monitoring market by providing not only security to companies but also action To reduce environmental impact, take impacts of existing units.

Commercial property owners have shown an interest in learning what can put residents and customers at risk, and the ability of modern devices to uncover risk factors for indoor air quality is in demand after HVAC installers have increased in the market. Air quality reports can encourage brand loyalty and recommend HVAC systems when consumers enjoy clean air.

A large proportion of these deaths occur in low and middle income countries, where air quality monitoring is typically limited. For example, in India and China, where urbanization has developed at a pace not found anywhere else in the world, the air is often full of smog. The threat of air pollution in China is so great that an urgent alarm was recently raised in Beijing advising children and the elderly to stay indoors. This has made it imperative to keep indoor air quality at a safe level, and the market for monitoring HVAC air quality has received important impetus in this regard.

International agencies are also developing new devices for measuring air quality, since the number of deaths and disabilities caused by air pollution is becoming alarming. For example, in 2015 UN Environment launched an air quality measurement device that was both groundbreaking and affordable. The device is significantly cheaper than the usual solutions and is expected to revolutionize the measurement of air quality in developing countries. In addition to the concentration of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, the device can also measure the particle concentration. Since a GPS tracker is included, it can pinpoint the source of the pollution.

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